Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Perfect Day at Center Parcs

Center Parcs have a new advertising campaign featuring real life families enjoying Center Parcs their way: Your Family, Your Time.  Featuring families with little ones; families with three generations holidaying together; families with children of mixed ages (the video that inspired me the most) and a group of families that holiday together, it is lovely to see how Center Parcs allows every family to spend quality time together doing things their way.


So what if I was given the chance to spend the perfect day at Center Parcs?  How would I spend my time with my family?  Moments spent together are priceless to me. As my eldest children grow up and start their own lives, I am constantly reminded of just how special time spent as a family is. Being somewhere where we can make the very most of that time really would be amazing.  Making memories that will last a lifetime and giving my children the chance to enjoy family life to the fullest.

This is what my perfect day would look like....

From the moment I awaken and open the curtains, it is the beautiful woodland setting that puts me in the holiday mood.  Being surrounded by nature has such a magical quality, making you feel like you are a million miles away from the stresses of real life.  Breakfast on the patio is a must.  Visitors in the shape of swans, ducks and sometimes even squirrels, tentatively approach us hoping to share in some scraps from the table.  We breathe in the clean, fresh air and feel more invigorated than we have in a long time.  Who can resist an early morning wander into the woods?  The little ones find sticks, feathers and rocks - treasures from their travels.  The wildlife is admired as we spot birds, bugs and animals along the way.  The beauty of the flowers and trees is appreciated as we brush past the soft leaves and clamber over fallen logs.  This is the perfect way to start the day.

Center Parcs
Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Taking part in some of the many activities on offer onsite gives us all the chance to try something that we wouldn't normally get the opportunity to do.  Sharing new experiences is a great way to connect with the children, leading to enthusiastic chatter for weeks afterwards and usually a great deal of laughter at the time. 

 We'd get on our bikes and cycle to one of the locations where we could enjoy a couple of hours of something completely new!  Quad Biking is an adrenaline fuelled activity for dad and the older kids, while a gentle horse ride around the parc is a perfect way for myself and the little ones to take in the sights and the sounds.

Getting together afterwards for a Family Bowling Competition gets everyone in a competitive mood!  As we laugh at the 'gutter balls' and applaud the strikes we enjoy a hot chocolate to keep us going until lunchtime.

Quad Biking, horseriding
Trying Something New

A visit to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is a must.  Even though everyone has a different level of water confidence and ability, we can all enjoy the waves, water playgrounds and whirlpools. The braver ones will ride the rapids and zoom down the flumes!  I'd love to hire a cabana where we could relax and enjoy the comfy seating, a light lunch and complimentary drinks.  The kids could continue to play to their heart's content in the idyllic paradise setting, whilst I relax with a good book!

The outdoor play areas make a fun stopping point on the cycle ride back to the lodge.  A moment to climb, slide, jump, swing, see-saw and spin on a variety of fun play equipment brings out the child in all of us!  You are never to old to let down your hair and have some pure, unabashed fun with the little ones. 

play areas, center parcs
Unleash Your Inner Child and Play, Play, Play!

When it comes to a short break, I thoroughly enjoy eating out.  No need for anyone to cook or wash up!  Plus it's an excuse to get dressed up, do our hair and feel really good about ourselves. At Center Parcs' American Diner, Hucks, we would enjoy a fantastic meal, ordering a selection of veggie dishes from the menu and trying some of their fancy cocktails, whilst overlooking the beautiful lake as the sun begins to set on a perfect day.  There is no need to count calories after all the exercise we've had throughout the day, so the huge pudding we share comes guilt free!

Hucks, center Parcs
Dress Up and Dine Out in Style

A slow walk back to our lodge allows us to enjoy the beauty of the woods and the lake as night falls. It is so much stiller and calmer by night.  Our comfy, cosy lodge awaits us, where we get into our PJ's and snuggle up with a hot drink and reminisce about all the things we have done.  My littlest two will fall soundly asleep and be carried to their beds.  The oldest children will share a bottle of wine with their dad and I as we discuss our plans for tomorrow.  Aqua Sana?  More swimming?  Aerial Walk? Maybe we'll take in a show and enjoy some live music?  An Indian meal in Rajinder Pradesh? As long as we are doing it as a family I know it will be fabulous. Because nothing feels better than family together!

Center Parcs
Family Moments Spent Together

I'd fall asleep in my bed, replaying all the special moments from my day in my head.  Listening to the sound of silence and feeling wonderfully content.  A perfect day indeed!

‘This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Whinfell Forest.'


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