Thursday, 31 March 2016

Num Noms - scented, stackable and collectible!

Num Noms are the latest collectible toy to hit the UK market. The colourful, mix and match squishy Nums are cute little characters, based on ice creams or cup cakes, that are stackable and scented. You can get both motorized Noms and Lip Gloss Noms, which are again cute and scented and combine with the Nums to make fragrant treats. The motorized Noms whizz around at the press of a button with a Num on their back adding an element of fun to the toy. The lip gloss Nom contains a scented balm, which is nice to use. Cone, spoon and cup accessories are also available, allowing you to stack your Nums and Noms in a combination of fun, flavoursome creations. The fusions of fruity, chocolatey and sweet flavours, allow you to make your own perfect recipe.

Freddy was sent some to try out and he had some fun making this video showing him unboxing and playing with an assortment of Nums and Noms!

You can get blind mystery packs, which contain a Num, a lip gloss Nom and a collector's menu. Deluxe party packs and play sets are also available containing a variety of Nums, Noms and accessories. There are over 60 flavours meaning you can create over a thousand flavour combinations. Recipe cards give ideas on how to combine the scents to create new flavours, such as combining Lemony Cream and Orange Sherbet Nums with a Razzberry Go Go motorized Nom to make Rainbow Sherbert. Some of the Num Noms are special editions, adding to the collectibility of the range.

Num Noms, collectible toys

You can find out more about Num Noms on the website and look out for Series 1 Num Noms in Tesco stores now. Prices start at £2.99. Num Noms are suitable for children aged 5 and up.

Num Noms

Pick a Num, add a Nom, add a cup or cone and create your own wacky flavour combos!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Heinz Tomato Ketchup - Grow Your Own Campaign

Heinz are calling on families to try their hand at growing their own tomatoes, to be in with the chance of having their home grown tomato crop made into an exclusively personalised bottle of ketchup! The grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of August, when the winning tomato crop will be picked and transported to the Heinz Culinary and Innovation Centre to be made into Heinz Tomato Ketchup. A prize that money can't buy!

To enter, you just need to upload a photograph of your growing tomatoes to the Heinz UK Facebook page.


There are also lots of runner-up prizes including some great gardening gear. You can find out more about the Grow Your Own campaign at the Heinz UK's Facebook page.

You can also visit to apply for a free packet of Heinz tomato seeds to start growing your own tomatoes in your garden. There are a limited amount available.

Gardening is a lovely activity to enjoy with little ones and this campaign is a great excuse to get into the garden with the kids. Good luck with your tomato crop!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Zimpli Kids Chocolate Picture Maker Review

Freddy was sent a Chocolate Picture Maker from Zimpli Kids to try out over Easter and he had lots of fun making personalised chocolate bars!

The kids include a chocolate bar mould, milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate sachets and paper templates. The instructions are clear and it is easy to make delicious bars of chocolate featuring an impressive picture on the front!

The chocolate melts using warm tap water, making it very safe for children to use - microwaves or boiling water are not required. The chocolate can be piped directly from the bags once the corner is snipped off so it's not very messy to use. The dark choclate outlines the design, the white chocolate fills the image and the milk chocolate covers the design and fills the mould. The bar sets after 20 minutes in the fridge. Once it is turned out, the tripel coloured chocolate design looks really impressive.

chocolate, chocolate craft

The templates come in easy, medium and hard designs or you can create your own design using a name, message or a picture of your choice. The bars make an excellent, personalised gift idea.

Here is a video of Freddy, with a bit of help from his big sister Ella, making an Easter Bunny chocolate bar!


The Chocolate Picture Maker is a simple but effective way to make some lovely personalised bars of chocolate. The chocolate is of an excellent quality, which I thought was a real plus! The mould and templates are reusable.

Zimpli Kids

Follow @ZimpliKids and @ChocBarMaker on Twitter for offers and competitions and check out the website for further details. Sets start at £3.99 RRP for a one bar pack.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Peppa Pig: Around the World DVD

Freddy is still a big fan of Peppa Pig. The day to day adventures of the porcine prima donna Peppa and her family continue to enthrall my son, so when I was given the chance to have a sneak peek at the new Peppa Pig: Around the World DVD, I could not refuse. Especially as it features a brand new, never seen before episode. Exciting stuff!

Peppa Big

Peppa Pig and her friends enjoy an exciting worldwide adventure in this DVD from Entertainment One. The DVD features a brand new 15 minute special episode entitled ‘Around the World with Peppa’.  When Peppa and her family set off to the park to celebrate the start of the summer holidays, they find themeselves embarking on an unexpected global adventure. After their car breaks down, Miss Rabbit lends them her plane and they get swept away on an exciting trek around the world!   

The DVD also includes 3 classic episodes:  
International Day: It’s International Day at playgroup so all Peppa’s friends dress up in clothes from different countries.

At the Beach: Peppa and George visit the beach with their water wings, spotty beach ball and their buckets and spades.
Polly’s Holiday: When Polly Parrot flies away, George comes up with a very clever plan to get her back. 
Peppa Pig: Around the World DVD will be available from 4th April in all major supermarkets and online stores for just £5, which is a great price. (Also available with free sticker set while stocks last.)  

It'll be great for keeping the little ones occupied over the Easter holidays. Freddy loved it and at 30 minutes long it is a good length for pre-bedtime viewing. I enjoyed having a new episode to watch - I think I know most of the old episodes off by heart by now. I have to admit though, I do love how the makers of Peppa Pig manage to give it enough grown-up appeal to keep the adults entertained too!

Title: Peppa Pig: Around the World 
Running Time: 30 minutes 
Classification: U 

Find Peppa Pig Online: Visit the Peppa Pig website for fun games, stories and activities. Plus you can sign up to the Muddy Puddle fan club! (  

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Come and See the Florasaurus - coming to Westfield and intu Trafford Centre this Easter

Flora’s new  “Powered by Plants”  campaign has seen the launch of a new dairy-free spread – Flora Freedom - which harnesses the natural goodness of plant based ingredients such as rapeseed, sunflower and linseed oils.  This healthy alternative to butter is perfect for those with allergies and for those who choose to eat Free From alternatives.

Flora Freedom

The campaign mascot Florasaurus, is a massive, green plant-eating dinosaur and it will be visiting Westfield Stratford City and intu Trafford Centre, Manchester over the Easter Holidays to help re-engage kids with where their food comes from. This campaign from Flora demonstrates how many of the world’s biggest and most magnificent creatures were powered by plants. As a vegetarian family, we love this message!


The free interactive experience will include photos opportunities with the Florasaurus, competitions and activities created in conjunction with the Eden Project. The display will be available during the shopping centres' opening hours giving families plenty of opportunity to come and enjoy the experience during the school holidays.

Florasurus will be at:

Westfield Stratford, London:
Friday 25th March 2016 – Monday 4th April 2016 (excluding Easter Sunday 27th March)

Trafford Centre, Manchester:
Thursday 7th April 2016 – Sunday 10th April 2016

Friday, 18 March 2016

My Easter Haul from Poundland

This Easter, you can stock up on everything you need from Poundland. There are craft sets, Easter cards, Easter eggs, tableware, cuddly toys, decorations and baking goodies that can help make your Easter special. At just £1 each, Poundland products make it easy to budget and can save you money.

Easter, Poundland

Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun for little ones. Poundland have a range of mini eggs from big brands such as Kinder and Cadbury's and have cute buckets and baskets for collecting them. Packs of plastic eggs are great to use for hiding clues or mini eggs around the house or garden. Poundland also sell a kit making hosting an egg hunt really easy. It includes signs, arrows and baskets.

Easter, Poundland

For home bakers, Poundland have a 24 piece cup cake set that includes cake cases and toppers. There are some lovely presentation bags and ties, which are great for packaging up cakes or confectionery. The Jane Asher home baking range has some really lovely bits for the kitchen and includes some edible cake decorations such as wafer daisies, perfect for spring themed cup cakes.

Easter, Poundland

Poundland has some super cute decorative chicks, bunnies, sheep, eggs and nests, which are great for making Easter bonnets. They are so much cheaper than similar products found in craft shops.

Easter, Poundland

I love the little Easter crackers that will make a nice themed place setting for the table on Easter Sunday.

Easter, Poundland

The craft sets will keep the kids busy in the Easter holidays. They can make Easter characters, cards, toys or even an Easter bonnet using the kits that include easy to use pre-cut shapes.

Easter, Poundland

Poundland also stock a selection of Easter eggs for £1 each, including brands such as M&M's, Dairy Milk, Milky Bar and character eggs such as Frozen, Star Wars, Marvel and Minions.

All these Easter goodies are available in store, but you can also shop at Poundland online with free delivery for orders over £50. Delivery is within 3 - 5 working days.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why Mums and Netflix are the Perfect Mix!

March has brought us Mother's Day and International Women's Day so Netflix have challenged us kids from Inside the Wendy House to write a guest post to honour our Mum and give her a day off from blogging. This #lilStreamTeam post is brought to you by us - Ella 19, Kezia 13 and Freddy 6 and is all about why we think our mum is as good as Netflix. 

Why is Mum like Netflix? - by Ella

  • Like Netflix, Mum is available for us 24/7. Anytime day or night.
  • Mum is entertaining...she makes us laugh, we have a lot of fun and makes our life action packed.
  • Like a Netflix Night In, she gets all of us together for quality family time.
  • Like a Netflix documentary, Mum is a mine of information and knows a lot of random stuff about all sorts of weird and wonderful things.
  • Like binge watching a Netflix series, we can spend hours with Mum and not get bored.
  • Mum fills our needs - whether we feel sad, are in a crazy mood or need a good laugh - she can give us what we need to cheer us up or calm us down.
  • Streaming on Netflix reminds me of Mum because both are efficient, flexible and get the job done!
  • Mum is an original - just like a Netflix Original Series.
  • In our home, everybody loves Netflix and everybody loves Mum.

making a murderer, netflix
As many fascinating facts as a Netflix Documentary

Which Netflix Character is Mum like? - by Kezia and Freddy

Regina Mills 

Once Upon A Time is a favourite Netflix TV show for us to watch together and Mum reminds me a lot of Regina Mills. I'm not saying she is an Evil Queen or anything, but like Regina she would do anything for her family. She'll do whatever it takes to keep us all safe and looked after. She will unleash her inner evil queen if she has to. She is a real hero. (And like Regina she also fancies Robin Hood!)

I wish my Mum had Regina's magic. Imagine what could be done with that purple, swirling power. She could conjure up 5 Seconds of Summer in our living room for a private concert. But instead of dark magic, Mum has the power of love and can help us to achieve things, look after us, keep us fed, share our problems and dreams and talk to us about anything. She's got our backs and she doesn't need a magic wand to make us feel loved and protected. Like Regina, mum wants us all to have a Happily Ever After and will do everything in her power for us to get that.

OUAT, Netflix
If Mum was Regina Mills from OUAT.

Mummy Pig

One of Freddy's favourite shows on Netflix is Peppa Pig, where Mummy Pig is the hardworking mother of the family. He picked Mummy Pig as the character most like our mum. She has to deal with Daddy Pig and her two little ones, keeping everyone in line. She sorts out family problems, helps friends and neighbours and spends time with Grandma and Grandpa Pig. Mummy Pig also likes cake and computers. This is why we think our Mum is a lot like Peppa's mummy!

Freddy says "My mummy and Peppa Pig's Mummy are both nice and kind!" How sweet :)

Peppa Pig, Netflix
Mummy is a lot like Mummy Pig

Mums deserve to have nice things and letting her pick what to watch on Netflix, snuggled under her fleecy Netflix blanket for a well deserved rest is a good way to show her you care. Even if that means binge watching How to Get Away With Murder, having a documentary marathon or watching some film she used to love in the 80s (when all you want to do is watch Pretty Little Liars - who is A?!?!)

Well mum, I hope you like this post as much as we enjoyed creating it. We love you millions!!  Thank you for being so awesome!!!

Ella, Kezia & Freddy


Monday, 14 March 2016


There is a brand new 4D movie showing at the LEGOland Discovery Centre and we were one of the first to experience it when we visited LDC this weekend. "The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure” reunites the characters from the original movie with a brand new plot and some amazing 4D effects.

legoland discovery centre

The action-packed story starts when Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard receive a mysterious invitation leading them to a new theme park, Brick World, which bears a suspicious resemblance to LEGOLAND!  But all is not as it seems as the heroes find themselves in the middle of an evil secret plot masterminded by the scheming Risky Business (brother of Lord Business) who wants to use the gang for his own evil money-making, theme park managing ends.

legoland discovery centre

The gang embark on a fast paced adventure featuring some very special theme park attractions such as Wyldstyle’s Super Cycle Mega Ride rollercoaster and Benny's rocket ship ride.   It’s up to Emmet and Wyldstyle, who enlist the help of the audience's Master Builder skills, to try and save the day and rescue their friends from Risky Business's dastardly plot.  

The 3D was really impressive and 4D elements such as wind, water, smoke, bubbles and special lighting effects bring the story to life, adding extra excitement to the film.

There are some great gags for the grown ups and lots of visual comedy and audience participation for the kids to enjoy. We loved the story and really enjoyed seeing Emmet and Wyldstyle in action again.

legoland discovery centre

Admission to the 4D movie is included in the entrance ticket to LDC. For more information and to buy tickets, visit

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Treat and Manage Eczema and other Dry Skin Conditions with Skinfix

Combining Mother Nature's natural remedies with modern medical knowledge, Canadian brand Skinfix is helping people feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether you suffer from dry skin, sun burn, nappy rash, damaged skin, chafing or eczema, Skinfix soothes and helps prevent skin conditions and irritations. It is clinically proven and dermatologist recommended. In America, Skinfix is considered a 'hero' product and now it can be found in the UK, exclusively in Boots.

Eczema and dermatitis are two skin conditions that have effected me and my loved ones over the years. So many of the products that I have used in the past have been so harsh causing stinging, drying of the skin or even causing the skin to thin and bleed. Even products targeted at children have proven to be too harsh and unpleasant to use regularly. Recently we've started experimenting with natural products such as coconut oil, avoiding the nasty harsh products. So when I was offered the chance to try the Skinfix products, I was impressed to see that they shared my philosophy on harnessing the healing power of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, jojoba, shea, oatmeal and my trusted coconut oil. They avoid using parabens, fragrance, alcohol, acids, phthalates, sulfates and other nasties. So I was happy to give them a try. The recipes used are based on a century old family concoction for treating chronic dry skin conditions resulting in beautiful, healthy skin. We received the Eczema Balm and the Soothing Lotion to try out. 


Skinfix Eczema Balm (60 g/£14.99) is for adults and children aged 2+. This concentrated and targeted natural healing balm is effective at treating and managing eczema, dermatitis and other dry skin conditions. It works fast to create a barrier on the skin to help lock in moisture and keep irritants out. This rich, 0% water and preservative free formula uses shea butter, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oils to soothe and soften skin. A natural alternative or complement to prescription medication and topical steroid treatments.

The balm is very dense with the texture of a thick petroloeum jelly and is fragrance free. It melts into the skin and is absorbed leaving a soothing residue. I have dermatitis on my hands, which is triggered by the cold weather or from using cleaning products. It felt so rich and nourishing smoothing the balm into my hands. It also acts as a barrier against irritants. Kezia gets eczema on her face and the balm was gentle enough to use on her delicate facial skin. It soothed and moisturised the dry, sore patches. This balm is great for patches of dry skin but can also be used for other things such as lip balm, on scars or on the feet. It's a great all round, must-have balm that will be an invaluable addition to the bathroom cabinet for treating and managing dry skin conditions.

Skinfix Eczema Balm

Skinfix Soothing Lotion for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin (370 ml/£17.99) Body lotions can be too irritating for chronically sensitive or eczema prone skin. Skinfix Soothing Lotion is a lightweight, yet deeply moisturising daily body lotion with colloidal oatmeal, natural emollient oils of coconut and jojoba to help hydrate, soothe and protect skin. 

Skinfix Soothing Lotion

This body lotion is great for every day use to keep skin hydrated and protected. It's light but feels rich and creamy when rubbed into the skin. Perfect for using after showering, it keeps skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. It is made of 98% natural ingredients and is fragrance free, making it safe for long term use, helping prevent flare ups.

The Skinfix products are available now in Boots stores and online. A Soothing Wash and Hand Repair Cream are also available.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Keep an Eye on Your Home with the Y-Cam Home Monitor Range

After making sure our loved ones are safe, keeping our homes and possessions secure and protected is next on the list of priorities. Home security is a very important issue, to keep the things that we have worked hard to get as safe as we possibly can. Burglary is one issue that can devastate a family, but thankfully there are lots of simple precautions that we can take to deter burglars such as:

Closing and locking all doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a few minutes.
Making sure the side/back gate/shed and garage are all locked.
Making sure that any valuables are not left in plain sight.
Putting keys out of reach of letterboxes.
In the evening, shut the curtains and leave some lights on.
Never leave car documents or ID in obvious places such as kitchens or hallways.

Homes without any security are said to be 5 times more likely to be burgled, so investing in a home security system is a worthwhile thing to consider.

I have been sent a Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera to test out, which I am very excited about. The Y-cam’s HomeMonitor HDS camera range is packed full of exciting features to make it simple to keep an eye on your home 24/7. For a one off price, you can enjoy peace of mind as the Y-Cam records motion detected footage of your home that is secured with rolling 7 day video storage in the HomeMonitor Cloud. You can view your recorded videos and also stream live from anywhere at any time, using the free app (IOS 7.0 and above, Android 4.0 and above). The Y-Cam is the only cloud based security camera that doesn’t charge a monthly or annual fee for using the secure cloud service, which is a real bonus.

Y-Cam, home monitor, best internet cam, security system

The Y-Cam can be used by families in a range of different ways including keeping an eye on your home when you are away, deterring and detecting burglars, watching elderly relatives who might be at home alone during the day or keeping an eye on the kids or pets in another room.

It offers reassurance and allows us 24/7 access to the footage, allowing us to check up on what is happening in our home at any time.

Features of the HomeMonitor include:

  • Colour HD camera with high quality 1 Meg lens
  • Widescreen viewing angle of 100 degrees
  • Infrared Night Vision for viewing in the dark at up to 15m
  • High Quality microphone for crisp audio reproduction

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

The Y-Cam Home Monitor camera is neat, sleek and stylish and fits unobtrusively with any decor. It is stand or wall mountable and easy to position in any area where you need it. (You just need a plug socket near by to power it.) You can have it mounted to keep an eye on the front door for security, or maybe set it up in the nursery to keep an eye on the children. The box contains everything you need to set up including camera, power cable, stand, fixings, ethernet cable and Quick Start Guide.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

Set up is easy and user friendly straight from the box, ready to view online in minutes. You don't have to have any advanced technical knowledge, simply connect the Y-cam to your router, activate your account online, then you are ready to go. Instructions are simple to follow and you are given a step by step start up guide online. It is a very user friendly process.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

As the device records to the cloud, it doesn't matter if, in the unfortunate event of a burglary,  that the camera is vandalised or stolen, you will still have access to the footage online to show to police.

Y-cam can instantly alert you on your smartphone or by email when motion has been detected in your home, allowing you to check footage and see if there is a problem. You can set up trip zones that will alert you if motion is detected, or you can switch off the alerts and access the live feed online. Sensitivity can be adjusted to make sure the motion detector isn't triggered unnecessarily. We tested the motion alerts and found the service to be excellent. I received an email and was able to access all the recorded clips on my Y-Cam dashboard. From here you can delete clips, record and watch live stream, view your videos and alter your settings.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

Multiple cameras can be used under one account, to protect several locations, making it a complete and comprehensive video security system for the home. The night vision function provides security through the night, giving reassurance 24/7. 

Thankfully, in testing the Y-Cam, we haven't experienced anything horrible happen to our house. However, it is such a reassuring feeling knowing that we can check up on our house at any time when we are away from home. The peace of mind, seeing that everything is as it should be is, in my opinion, well worth the initial investment. With no ongoing fees it is more affordable than other systems and the rolling 7 day free access to footage is plenty enough for our needs.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

I love the simplicity of the system and how user friendly the functionality is. The user interface of the web portal is excellent and easy to use and understand. You can set it up to suit your needs: turning off motion alerts when someone is at home or having 24 hr alerts set up for the week if you are away on holiday. Receiving alerts allows you to check in quickly and easily to access footage remotely and you could alert the police if you witness anything untoward occurring in your home.

The Y-Cam HomeMonitor HDS range is available from £149.99. They offer indoor and outdoor cameras as well as home security starter, advanced and complete home security kits.

For more information about Y-cam HomeMonitor Plus package visit or set up an account at

Saturday, 5 March 2016

An Effective Storage Solution for Small Gardens with Garden Buildings Direct

Storing garden furniture, garden tools, outdoor toys or kids’ bikes can sometimes be an issue. It is for my family with all Freddy's garden toys! If, like me, you require extra outdoor storage space to store your garden items, but are short of room, then a metal shed could be the perfect solution. Using thinner panels, a metal shed is smaller than a wooden alternative, but still has a large inner capacity, so you can store everything you need easily and effectively. Sliding doors allow you to fully utilise the entire entry space of the shed.

We were delighted to receive a 6' x 4' BillyOh Ashington Green Metal Shed to build and try out from The whole shed comes delivered in a single box ready for home assembly.  The box includes all the pieces, which are clearly labelled, an instruction book and all the screws, nuts, bolts, washers etc that are required. The floor of the shed is not included in the pack, but a piece of 6 x 4 plywood will do the trick. For a better finish, you can order a premium tongue and groove base or a steel foundation kit. 

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

All you need for assembly is a good screwdriver, a spanner, a pair of protective gloves for handling the metal work and someone to give you a hand on the tricky bits!

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

My husband Ian is the handy one in our household and he took on the role of chief shed builder with me on hand to pass him the correct pieces and help secure them in place during construction. The instructions are fully illustrated and having all the pieces labelled (either stamped or stickered) with a part code avoids any mistakes when putting the shed together. 

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

Working together, we completed the build in just over two and a half hours. There were some tricky bits, but overall it was pretty straightforward for Ian to do. The doors were the hardest part to put together and hang and resulted in some bleeding fingers! My assistance in building the shed was minimal, but Ian assured me it was helpful to have an extra pair of hands to put nuts onto bolts, hold up panels and help align screw holes. So I felt useful in our 'barn raising' experience!

garden buildings direct

The panels and metalwork come pre-drilled and the holes lined up for screwing together without any problem. The screws, nuts and bolts are all good quality and did the job well making a sturdy framework.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

The edges of the panels are quite sharp, which is why gloves are essential, but once the edging is put on, no sharp edges are exposed, and all screw tips are capped off with plastic caps for safety.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

Another great feature of this shed is the dual vents located above the doors. They screw into the pre-cut holes in the panels easily. Preventing condensation, the vents make sure that your belongings stored inside don’t get damp and mouldy. Great news for garden furniture!

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

This strong metal garden shed is made from galvanised steel, coated in a layer of zinc, adding to the strength and weather proofing. This galvanisation increases the strength and stability of the structure, ensuring that it will stand the test of time. Corrugated panels channel the wind that hits the shed adding to its ability to withstand bad weather. The shed comes with a 15 year ‘no rust perforation’ warranty for peace of mind. A powder coating makes the shed long-lasting and completely maintenance free - no need to treat or varnish it, as you would with a wooden shed.

Garden Buildings Direct

The finished green metal shed looks smart and is deceptively spacious. It doesn't take up too much of our garden space and provides a useful storage solution. It keeps the garden clutter free and keeps everything safe and secure inside. It is perfect for our needs.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

The finished shed stands 5' 10" or 1.77m tall at its tallest, so we have to duck to get in! However, it's the perfect height for the kids to pop in and out to fetch their outdoor toys. The build looks good with its peaked roof, contrasting edging and sliding doors. 

Our shed has been standing for just over a week and has survived some very unseasonal bad weather with no ill effects. Hurricane Jake and the March snow has not caused any problems to our new shed, which is very reassuring.

Priced from £169, the BillyOh Ashington metal sheds give great value simple storage solutions for garden accessories and a space saving alternative to traditional wooden sheds.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

Check out the entire range of sheds, workshops, playhouses, log cabins and summer houses along with accessories and great product ideas for outdoor living at They offer free delivery to select postcodes, a 48 hour delivery service is available and there is a 14 day no fuss return policy. So you can order with confidence. Deliveries are trackable and I received good email correspondence and a courtesy phonecall to keep me updated on the delivery. Great customer service!

They also have their own blog packed with useful articles on gardens and outdoor living at There is a great Kids' Corner with ideas for personalising playhouses, gardening with children and activities to do in the garden. You can also follow them on Twitter @GardenBuildings and at Garden Buildings Direct on Facebook.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Spring Planting with Lechuza

Springtime is coming (at least we hope it is given the recent wintry weather!) and I'm looking forward to seeing lots of colourful blooms to brighten up my days. To celebrate the changing season, Lechuza have sent me two of their self-irrigating planters. The Mini Deltini Table Planter, which features a really cute owl design (Lechuza is actually Spanish for owl!) and the Cube Colour 14 in Lime Green.


The owl designed Mini Deltini table planter has the inner lining, irrigation system, water level indicator and substrate, and is ready for planting up. I thought my mum would love this cute, little pot and that it was the perfect Mother's Day gift for her. So I bought a small blue hyacinth to plant in it to complete her present.

owl, planter

The illustrated instructions are clear and the water level indicator is easy to assemble. The sub-irrigation system draws water from the base of the planter up into the liner, keeping the optimum supply of water for the plant's needs. This 'self-watering' system is plant controlled making growing beautiful indoor plants relatively foolproof!

self watering planter

The plant is put directly into the special substrate and the end result looks lovely. The inner liner makes the job cleaner and easier. Once watered, the water level indicator goes to maximum and the plant is then relatively self-sufficient. The reservoir needs refilling once the indicator drops down.

owl, plant pot, hyacinth

The high gloss finish gives a ceramic look to the recyclable, lightweight plastic planter. It is a lovely gift idea for any occasion and also a great way to get kids interested in plants. It would look lovely in a children's bedroom and because of the self-watering system, the plant won't dry out.

The Mini Deltini Table Planter comes in a range of colours to suit any decor and is suitable for planting small plants.

plant, indoor pot plant

The Cube Colour 14 All in One Planter is perfect for windowsills. It comes complete with its own liner,  wick irrigation system and water level indicator. It's unique design and watering system allows you to place a ready planted round grow pot directly into the liner, no repotting required,  making it ideal for shop bought herb plants in pots with a 10 -12cm diameter.

The wick irrigation system pushes into the base of the grow pot and draws water up into the plant from the planter reservoir. This results in the plant flourishing, receiving the exact amount of water it needs to grow.

growing herbs

The Cube Planter is such a quick and practical way to have an indoor herb garden on your kitchen windowsill. The low maintenance care means it is easy to grow herb plants for culinary use. The live plants bought in supermarkets have their life extended making this a great value way to enjoy fresh ingredients for longer. I love this idea and as soon as I get to a big supermarket that sells potted herbs, I intend to start my own indoor cottage kitchen! In the meantime I've popped in a pot of flowering plants using the wick irrigation system. It is so simple but so clever.

I love the lime green colour and woven textured effect finish, which matches my kitchen perfectly, but it comes in a range of other colours to suit all decors. At £9.99 it is a great value planter that will allow you to have beautiful fresh garden herbs straight from the plant with minimum effort (or it will sport an attractive indoor flowering pot plant!)

growing indoor herbs

You can find the Mini Deltini and Cube planters along with the rest of the Lechuza range of self-watering planters at the Lechuza website at

Home Baking with Aldi Specialbuys

With Easter just around the corner, Aldi’s Family Home Baking range has everything bakers need to cook up a whole host of treats for the family, from a retro designed Classic Food Mixer (£34.99) in cream, red or duck egg blue, to fun baking sets designed for little budding bakers including cookie cutters, mixing bowl and icing set (£12.99).

Aldi sent me some items from their home baking range, which will be in stores from March 6th, and they are really fantastic.


An accurate set of scales is an important kitchen tool when it comes to home baking. Aldi have Digital Kitchen Scales (£6.99) in flat, bowl or jug styles and are available in a range of colours. I received the jug scale, which has a 1 litre capacity, for measuring both liquids and solids. It has an LCD reading and is perfect for weighing flour, oil, water or milk with ease.

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The Crofton 5 pack of Premium Pantry Containers (£14.99) is the perfect set for sorting out cupboards. The see through, square and rectangular jars make it easy to organise rice, pasta, cereals or nuts. The lids are lockable for an airtight seal to keep food fresher for longer. They are practical, stackable and make it easy to see exactly what is in your cupboard at a glance.


These ceramic Measuring Cups and Spoons (£7.99) are as cute as they are functional. They make measuring ingredients easy and also look great on display. They come in the following sizes: 1/4 cup / 60ml, 1/3 cup / 80ml, 1/2 cup / 125ml, 1 cup / 250ml, 1/4 TSP / 1.25ml, 1/2 TBSP / 2.5ml, 1 TSP / 5ml and 1 TBSP / 15ml. They are a great original gift idea for mums if you are looking for a very last minute Mother's Day gift!


For home made Easter goodies, Aldi have some excellently priced chocolate moulds. Made from quality silicone, you simply pour in melted chocolate and once it's set, you'll have some cool 3D egg lollies or 3D bunny or egg models.

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I was particularly impressed with the lolly mould set, which consists of two 5 x lolly moulds and ten plastic lolly sticks (£2.99). Great fun for making with the kids this Easter.


I love the bamboo handled silicone spoons (£2.19), which come in a variety of colours and a floral design. They have a real country kitchen vibe and are lovely to use. The corner spoon is designed to get into the edges of cookware making it great for scraping out batter. They are a large size, sturdy and perfect for homebaking.


When it comes to kitchen linens, Aldi always has great quality products at really excellent prices. The 3 pack of tea towels (£2.99) are made of thick, soft, durable 100% cotton. The blue floral design is really attractive.

Aldi’s Family Home Baking range is in store 6th March and available while stocks last. But be quick; with Aldi Specialbuys, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Product List

Classic Food Mixer £34.99
Premium Pantry Containers £14.99
Children's Baking Set £12.99
Ceramic Mixing Bowl Assortment £7.99
Ceramic Novelty Measuring Cups and Spoons Set £7.99
Digital Kitchen Scales £6.99
Cake Container £4.99
Pastry Board £4.99
Double Oven Glove / Apron £2.99
Easter Chocolate Moulds £2.99
Printed Tea Towels, 3 Pack £2.99
Silicone & Bamboo Kitchen Utensils £2.19
Cake Pan Assortment £1.99 

Find the Aldi Specialbuys online at


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