Monday, 31 March 2014

My Mother's Day

A hand print butterfly card from my precious little schoolboy :)  he had hidden in in the kitchen cupboard since Friday so he could surprise me.

homemade card, craft

 A card from my three youngest comparing me to Disney characters, which made me cry.  I feel humbled to know that they think of me in these ways.

Mother's Day

In the same theme, Freddy drew me this picture saying "Mum is Rapunzel.  She is pretty."  More tears!

Mother's Day

Freddy also presented me with the most beautiful bunch of flowers...and a Dairylea Dunker as breakfast in bed!  The latter brought back memories of my eldest son bringing me a chocolate Pop Tart spread with Marmite as a breakfast in bed treat when he was about the same age!


Megan made me a video that was just so lovely that I cried some more!  She is doing so tremendously well pursuing her dream career and grasping every opportunity that comes her way.  She is an inspiration. She does us so proud!

A Facebook message from my eldest Joe let me know that he was thinking of me, as he spent a day with his own little family :)

I had a lovely chat on the phone to my own fabulous Mum.  I love her to bits!  She loved all her presents and the Moonpig card I sent her, which featured old family photos of us together alongside photos of her with my kids.

Mothers day

Ella playing her guitar and singing for me whilst I baked some cakes was a wonderful way to spend my afternoon.  We followed it up by catching up on the new series of How I Met Your Mother snuggled under a duvet.  Simple things make me happy.

I adore my brood and feel so blessed.

I love being their mum more than anything else in the world.

They make me so proud everyday.


I was also sent a little pamper hamper from Virtual Bathrooms so I could enjoy a lovely scented candelit bubble bath.  Thanks to them too :)

Mother's day

Heros in a Half Shell - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I fondly remember my eldest son Joe loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in the early 90's.  Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael featured heavily in both TV viewing and playtime.  It provided some wonderful nostalgia when Freddy was sent the latest Nickelodeon TMNT toys from Character to try out. Twenty years on and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still hold the same appeal and excitement!

He received the TMNT Battle Shell Leonardo along with Shredder's underwater thug and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle adversary Fishface!  The blister packed toys were easy to remove from the packaging and the cardboard and plastic separated up nicely for recycling.

Leonardo, Fishface

The figures stand at around 5" high and are fully articulated with more than 12 points of articulation. They are highly detailed and perfectly replicate the TV characters .  They stand up well, which I think is an important feature.  Freddy gets very frustrated when he can't stand up his action figures ready for battle!  He loved the look of his new toys and was ready and eager to test them out right away.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

The Battle Shell Leonardo comes with two long swords that fit into scabbards attached to his shell.  The shell itself opens up to reveal some secondary weaponry, a dagger and two Ninja throwing stars.  Leonardo's hands grip really well, as he keeps the streets of NY city safe armed with his signature weapons. Freddy did find opening the shell a bit tricky with his little fingers, but it opens simply by pulling which is a knack I'm sure he'll master.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action FiguresTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Fishface is a fantastic mutant fish villain with his sharp venomous toothed jaws, water-breathing rig and his robotic legs.  He is no fish out of water when it comes to being the turtles most cutthroat enemy! He has a big sword and a small dagger that fit well into into hands. Freddy loves having both heroes and villains in order to play the most imaginative games of good versus evil!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

The action figures are really well made with great attention to detail.  They are sturdy and robust for battle action.  Freddy is one of those children who loves to make toys fight and really puts the workmanship to the test as he bashes them around in his games of goodies vs baddies!  He really enjoyed playing as Leonardo whilst his dad played Fishface.  The toys stood up very well to the Freddy's enthusiastic playtime as they practiced the ancient art of Ninjutsu and displayed their Turtle Power!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

The action figures cost £9.99 each, are suitable for children aged 4 and up and can be found at Argos, Amazon and other good toy retailers.  They are part of a range of characters and vehicles made in celebration of this iconic kids' show.  I think it's great that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in all their pizza eating, Nunchuck throwing, Ninja fighting glory. It's great to see Freddy enjoying them as much as his big brother did when he was his age.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

Freddy was so impressed with his new TMNT toys that he has taken them into school for Show and Tell today.  That shows just how great he thinks these new action figures are!

Friday, 28 March 2014

A New Blazer from the Bonmarche Spring Collection

The new spring collection from Bonmarche sees a lot of key pieces added to their range, bringing some exciting wardrobe staples to the brand.  Wish a fresher and more modern feel, the new Bonmarche range is aiming at a younger market, bringing abstract prints, vibrant colours and stylish designs to their collection.  With high quality items at affordable prices, Bonmarche is delivering fashion to women in sizes 10-24.


Bonmarche have sent me one of their new arrivals to try out, a black, linen blend jacket, which is a perfect addition to my spring/summer wardrobe.  This single breasted, fully lined jacket comes with some attractive detailing.  The layering and topstitching of the collar and mock pockets adds a decorative element to the design.  The tailoring is flattering and the sizing is good.


Priced at just £30 this jacket is a very versatile piece.  Ideal for workwear, the jacket can be teamed with both skirts or trousers for a smart tailored look.  Worn with jeans, it gives a more casual look, perfect for the season.  I really like its simplicity and versatility, and a black blazer really is a wardrobe must have!


Maldives - The Scent of Paradise #scentsofadventure

Kuoni have set a challenge for bloggers to come up with the signature scent of the Maldives, one that ignites thoughts of far flung destinations and captures the essence of a tropical paradise.


How can just one fragrance encapsulate the scent of paradise?  To me, the scent of The Maldives would be a rare confluence of the exotic and the tropical coming together to form a fragrance that would evoke the emotions, transporting us to the place of our dreams.  Far reaching, sun drenched white beaches with crystal turquoise waters, teeming with beautiful marine life, lapping at the shores.  Gently swaying palm trees punctuating the scenery against a backdrop of lush, green vegetation.  Clear azure skies, fresh, clean air and the promise of adventure filling your soul and freeing your spirit.

The signature scent of the Maldives would be a combination of the following fragrances...the beautiful aroma of this island paradise.  Combining the evocative odours of the Maldivian national tree, flower, food and fruit with the other flora of the islands, these are the smells which I imagine when I close my eyes and picture myself lying on the soft, warm sand next to my husband, breathing in the sweet Maldivian air.

Pandanus flowers with their exotic, subtle fragrance, known as the vanilla of the east.

Authentic Maldivian cuisine taking its influences form India and the Middle East. Gentle spice fragrances wafting, tempting and delicious.

Rose petals - Finefenmaa the Maldives national flower- soft pink confetti gently tossed and blown by the sea breeze.

Anbu - the Maldivian Mangoes growing on laden trees in the Southern atolls give off the fragrant aroma of their sweet, sun-ripened flesh.

Dhivehi ruh - coconut palms in the language of the islands, the national fruit rich with its sweet, heavy scent of summer.  Memories of Pina Coladas sipped through a straw from a coconut shell.

Infusions of floral Jasmine, Frangipani, Hibiscus and Bougainvillea - ornamental flowers that grow close to the sun kissed beach.

Sea air, fresh with ozone and the tangy scent of salt.

Exotic, luscious, tropical fruits, bananas, papaya and pineapple, fresh and growing in abundance.

image by - scubadiver

But if I had to pinpoint that one single fragrance, which truly captures the tropical paradise of the Maldives it would have to be the scent of the luscious, tropical fruits that grow on the shores combined in a luscious, beachside cocktail.  A Mango Colada!

coconut clipart
Image by Open Clip Art

Find out more at the Maldives by visiting the Kuoni site:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Country Living - Tweed Jacket from Joules

Full of British heritage, tradition and style, Tweed is the epitome of a classic, country fabric.  Living in rural Shropshire, it seemed rather apt for Joules to offer me the chance to try one of their Tweed jackets. Perfect for wearing to the local country pub, I'll really look the part! 

For over 30 years Joules has been selling top quality country clothes with designs inspired by the countryside and proud to be boldly British. The Joules Tweed collection takes the traditional, country fabric and adds its unique flair to give women a choice of stylish jackets with bespoke linings and hidden details.

country clothing

Stylish and comfortable, this semi- fitted, single breasted tweed jacket is inspired by country sports. It is immaculately tailored and has the fine detail you would expect to find on a quality, high end item.  It has a velvet collar and piping to the collar edge and pocket fronts. The buttons come in assorted designs adding interest and detail, and are sewn on securely.  The lining is silky and luxurious, featuring horses with their riders.  The Tweed itself is woven with subtle orange and pink running through it and feels thick and warm without being too heavy. The Joules touches have made this jacket feminine and elegant, whilst remaining versatile and practical. Perfect for country living!

tweed jackets

The Hardy Tweed Parade jacket is available in sizes 6-18 and costs £189 with free delivery.  You can find this and other stylish women's Tweed jackets from Joules online or in store.

country clothes

Lovely Spring Books from Little Tiger Kids

If you are looking for something other than a chocolate egg to give as a gift this Easter, then these new books from Little Tiger Kids are a great alternative.  Perfect for young children, they make a lovely gift idea, that will be enjoyed long after the choccie has been eaten!

My Little Box of Springtime Stories 

(April 2014/£9.99/Age 3-6)

This gorgeous carry case contains five lovely paperback books featuring stories based around springtime and Easter.  Characters such as bunnies, fluffy ducklings and a teddy will delight children.  

Easter books

The books are: Fred and the Little Egg, Babbity's Big Bad Mood, Rosie's Special Surprise, A Duck So Small and Dora's Chicks.  My own son Freddy was really happy to see his name in print!

Little Tiger Kids

Each book is beautifully illustrated and includes a story that is perfect for sharing with little ones and reading aloud at bedtime.

Little Tiger Kids

 Little Tiger Kids: Baby Animals Sticker Activities & Farm Animals Sticker Activities

(April 2014/£6.99/Age 3-5)

Little Tiger Kids

These sticker activity books are lots of fun for little ones and will keep them amused for hours.  Each book has 80 pages filled with drawing, learning activities and spaces for stickers.  Baby Animals and the Farm are the two themes in these lovely books.

activity book

Each book has over 200 photographic stickers that can be used on the pages or for children to make their own scenes on paper.  These books are really great for teaching vocabulary: animal names, habitats etc. and would be perfect to take on visits to grandparents or away on holiday to keep the kids occupied and entertained in quiet moments.

sticker books

These lovely seasonal books are available from April and would make a delightful gift for any child this Easter.

Tinyme Name Blocks Kickstarter Campaign Launches

Today, Tinyme are launching a Kickstarter campaign to get an exciting new product onto the market. Name Blocks are wooden puzzles made using the letters of a child's name.  Each one is completely customisable using a choice of font, colour, pattern and design and can feature any name up to 9 letters long using between 4 and 9 blocks.  They come in a felt storage pouch and include two slide-in name cards to enhance the educational play value, allowing children to learn to spell their own names, first matching the colour coded letters before moving on to letter matching alone.

200 Super Early Bird Backers are being given the chance to get their hands on the first Tinyme Name Blocks with a generous 25% discount.  Once they are all gone, the next 400 backers can buy at a 15% discount.  After that, backers will receive a 10% discount. If you don't want to buy the Name Blocks but still want to help launch this new product you can pledge some cash to the campaign and will receive a printable board game or ebook as a token of Tinyme's thanks.

I'm featuring this information on my blog as a favour to Tinyme who I have worked with before, and as a heads up to anyone wanting to grab a bargain and help launch this new product onto the market! Tinyme have made me this customised image with Freddy's name on to showcase the product. I think it looks like it's going to be a pretty cool new addition to the Tinyme range.


Take a look at the Kickstarter project here:


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Making Home Improvements a Family Affair

DIY is usually a lot of hard work!  When you have children who are eager to 'help', the simplest tasks can become an even bigger chore as you try to paint the walls and supervise your toddler while he sticks his fingers in the can of emulsion.  If you have some jobs that need doing around the house, there are ways that you can involve the whole family without it becoming a DIY disaster.  Delegating tasks to each member of the household will make everyone feel important and hopefully make it easier to get on with the job in hand. Plus, the kids can learn valuable skills that they can develop in later life.

painting, decorating

Make wooden planters

If you are improving the garden, displaying wooden boxes filled with plants is a great way to add colour to even the smallest outdoor space, plus it's a good way to teach the little ones about gardening. Making the wooden planters yourself is something best done when the kids are not around as it will involve cutting wood using a jigsaw.  But once the boxes have been put together, sanded and primed, you can then allow your little co-workers to help you choose a paint colour and design. Maybe even let them decorate their own planter while you paint yours.

Take a family trip to your local garden centre and allow each family member to pick their own plant for the garden. Giving children the responsibility of looking after their plant, will teach them the importance of nurturing and caring for it.  Getting into the habit of watering the plants makes little ones very useful in the summertime!


Create a feature wall

Whether it’s in the kids' room, the living room, the playroom or in the kitchen, a feature wall is a great asset to the home, which totals revamps the living space. Whether you opt simply to add a lick of paint or apply a funky wallpaper design, there are various options to choose from. You can let the little ones accompany you when it comes to choosing the paint colours and wallpaper styles. If you need to strip a wall, little ones will love to help peel the old paper off.  Once they get bored you can get out the steamer and finish the job in no time.

Special paints can transform a wall into a blackboard or make it magnetic - perfect for the playroom!  There are lots of wall stickers available that will transform a wall in just minutes.  Let little ones help with the decision making so they feel involved.

Stencils are also a great idea, and younger children can have a go – just ensure you tape newspaper over any areas you wish to protect.


Sometimes you need to get in the professionals for any big jobs that need doing. You may need to repair your sash windows, install double glazing, plaster the ceiling or put in a gas fire.  Little ones can be curious but it is important to keep them away from the work in progress.  Ensuring they are entertained whilst this work is going on is a must.  But they still want to feel like they are helping.

Get creative

Why not get them to create their own artwork using brightly coloured materials such as fabric, tissue paper, glitter and paint.  It will certainly ensure they’re entertained. You can then frame their artwork and hang it on one of the walls in the household. This will make them feel like they’ve really helped with the home improvements.

Countdown to Easter with Playmobil

We are all familiar with advent calendars counting down to Christmas Day, but now we can countdown to Easter too with this brilliant Easter Calendar from Playmobil!  There are 10 doors to open, each containing an Easter themed Playmobil item that together will create a cute Easter bunny scene on Easter Sunday.


Featuring three Easter Bunny figures along with Easter eggs and other accessories, this is a lovely gift for a child in the run up to Easter, that can be kept and played with for years to come.  It is perfect for some imaginative role play games where the bunnies are painting and hiding eggs for the big day. It would make a great alternative to a chocolate egg for children aged 4 and up and would be ideal to send through the post, being much less fragile!

I love the big, chunky, colourful box with the ten big, numbered doors pre-filled with Playmobil goodies. Freddy loved opening the Playmobil pirate advent calendar in the run up to Christmas, excitedly opening it each day to find what toy was hiding inside.  He is going to adore this Easter calendar and the toys will make a great display on our windowsill over Easter.

Easter calendar

Playmobil toys are so well made with perfect attention to detail, and this set will be a welcome addition to Freddy's collection. (Bunnies aren't just for Easter after all...just look at Harvey, Hop or that bunny from Donnie Darko!!!)

Countdown calendars can help with children's number recognition and help build up the excitement to special occasions.  They also work well in conjunction with a reward scheme, as the promise of opening a new door on the calendar can be just the trick for getting a little one to get dressed, clean their teeth, eat breakfast or tidy their toys.  At exciting times of the year when routines get disrupted, this can prove very useful indeed!

The Easter Calendar is available at alongside a whole range of other brilliant Playmobil toys. It is reasonably priced at just £9.99 which I think is excellent value...or should I say eggscellent value?!

Bracelet Making Craft Sets - MyStyle Craft Super Loop Bands and 4M Cool Colour Wristlets

MyStyle Craft Design & Make Super Loop Bands

Elastic band bracelets are all the rage at Kizzy's primary school.  So much so that the children have been banned from wearing them!  But that does not deter the girls who sit and weave their own rubber band bracelets at lunchtime and wear them hidden up the sleeves of their school sweatshirts.

rubber band bracelets

Needless to say, Kizzy was very excited to test out this craft set which contains enough silicone bands and S-Loops to make five colourful bracelets.  The bands came in a variety of colours and are really thick and strong so there was no breakage. 

The process is very easy.  You thread a band through lengthways, line up to two end loops and thread the next band through those loops and so on.  The fully illustrated instruction booklet takes you through what to do step by step. The bracelets take shape very quickly, with an attractive pattern forming and the end result is really good and very wearable.  Kizzy was able to work independently and enjoyed making the bracelets.  You can dismantle the bracelets and re-use the bands if necessary.

super loop bands

Overall, we were really impressed by this set for it's simplicity, the strength and quality of the bands and the really nice end result.

rubber band bracelets

Priced at £9.99 this is a well priced craft set that children will really enjoy.  A lovely activity for the kids to do independently to make bracelets for sharing and wearing.

4M Cool Colour Wristlets

This set makes four brightly coloured wristlets which incorporate a chain, a proper clasp and a charm.  It contains everything needed except for scissors, a ruler and sticky tape.

4M, craft, girls

As you may expect with a more involved piece of jewellery, the process is a bit more complicated.  It involves attaching a length of the plastic thread to the chain and  making a loop secured with tape.  The remainder of the plastic thread is then knotted onto this loop, which was a bit fiddly.  In fact we had to get Dad in to help because the instructions were a bit too complicated for me and Kizzy!  Ian's years as a boy scout, learning to tie knots, definitely came in handy and he was able to help make the bracelet.  Once the thread was tied off, a metal ring, charm and clasp had to be attached to the end of the chain.  It's not easy opening a metal ring and then closing it securely using just your fingers, so again Dad came to the rescue.

Great gismos

The end result looked quite good but the knotted section was quite rigid (maybe Ian's man fingers tied the knots too tightly) but I'm sure it will give over time.  Once on the wrist it looked quite professional looking with the clasp and charm, and the intricately knotted section looked impressive.

Great Gismos, 4M

Overall, we liked the finished wristlet but found the process a bit tricky.  Some adult help was definitely required.  At £9.95 this set makes four of the bracelets which is good value.  I'm sure with practice the technique would become easier and the end result even better. 


Both of these craft sets would make a great gift idea for girls aged 8 and over.  

Monday, 24 March 2014

Calendars don't have to start in January!

January heralds the start of the new year and is usually the time for us to buy calendars, but that is no longer the only window of opportunity that we have to get ourselves a nice new calendar to hang on the wall.  With companies such as Vistaprint, we are able to create beautiful bespoke calendars, which can begin at any month of the year!

Vistaprint gave me the opportunity to make my own wall calendar, with months going from April 2014 through to the end of March 2015.   Starting calendars on different months is a great idea if you moving house and want a new calendar to display or if you decorate and want one to match the new colour scheme. Having them start on a particular month to coincide with a birthday makes a great gift idea - and one that will last for a whole year. Or make one to run along the school year from September or the financial year from April.  It would be a lovely present for someone off to university in September to make a calendar starting from then filled with photos of family and home to hang in their uni lodgings.

calendar, photo products

The website offers hundreds of different design choices with the option to include your own photographs. For children there are some fun Nickelodeon templates, while other designs include block colours, geometric patterns, floral print, landscapes, cartoons and nature.  With themes that would suit various industries to backgrounds that are perfect for families, there is a design for all tastes.


Once you have chosen a design you can personalise the calendar by uploading favourite photos which can be added to each page using a chosen layout featuring up to six images per page.  Events can be added to the date grid to remind you of special occasions.  Text can also be added to make a title and captions.

You get to preview the calendar before you order it and a pop up box alerts you to anything you may have missed.

Prices currently start at £6.66 for a single calendar order (which excludes VAT and postage) a saving of 50% off the regular price. Glossy paper comes as standard on the calendar but you can currently upgrade to a premium, thicker paper for just £1.24.  At the checkout, Vistaprint show images of other products you might like using the photos you used, but you can easily skip these offers and head straight for your cart.


Checkout is easy and the charges are shown clearly along with any discounts that have been applied. Payment is by major credit card or Paypal and is secure.  Various postage alternatives are offered.

My calendar arrived securely packaged within a week.  It is printed exactly to my specifications and the thick paper upgrade has a lovely finish.  It will look fabulous on my wall and is a super way to display favourite photographs all year round.

Vistaprint also make a huge range of items for business and home including photo products, invitations, business cards, signs and banners.  Check out the full range at

Tips for Holidaying With Little Ones

With five children aged between four and twenty five, over the years I have had lots of family holiday experiences and I am no stranger to travelling with children.  We've travelled as far afield as Los Angeles, been to several European destinations and enjoyed many UK breaks too.  When travelling with children, you have to be better prepared and ready for more eventualities than when you travel alone or as a couple. Remembering to pack a favourite toy or a favourite juice bottle can make all the difference between having a happy or a grumpy toddler.  Having something familiar can help them make the transition to being somewhere unfamiliar.  If you have a fussy eater, popping some of their favourite cereal bars or healthy snacks in their suitcase can be really helpful and you'll be reassured that they will be eating something whilst away from home.  Here are some of my top tips for having a happy holiday with little ones!

1:  Pack each child a small bag containing colouring pencils, comics, stickers, a book, little toys and a few food treats.  Whether you are hanging around an airport or stopping at services, kids get fed up.  You could end up spending a fortune on bored kids in an attempt to placate them, especially when surrounded by overpriced gift shops in a railway station or ferry terminal.  Making each child responsible for their own exciting holiday bag of goodies will keep them occupied and make travelling that much easier!  My kids always love having their own bag to go away with.  It makes them feel grown up and they are useful to use whilst they are away to.

holiday tips

2:  Don't forget the sunscreen!  Wherever and whenever you are travelling, make sure you pack sun cream. Children's delicate skin can easily be damaged due to exposure to the sun.  It doesn't have to be a hot and sunny day either,and if you are spending more time than usual outside, it is better to be safe and protect your children from the dangers of UV rays.  I'll never forget my poor little Joe burning the tops of his legs on a day that was overcast.  It was this that made me realise the importance of protecting their skin.

holiday tips

holiday tips

3: Be flexible.  Holidays are not the time or place to stick to routines.  You can get very stressed trying to keep to bedtimes and mealtimes, meaning you won't enjoy yourself as much.  When we went to Tenerife with my son Joe aged 18 months, we hired a buggy and took him out in the evenings with us. He'd snooze in the pushchair safely by our table, allowing us to enjoy a meal out.  Then we'd pop him staright to bed in the hotel when we got back. Kids are really adaptable and will soon fall back into the routine of home once you get back to reality!

holiday tips

4:  Learn some handy phrases in the language of the country you are visiting.  Not only is it polite to have a try at speaking to people in their native tongue, it is also a great way to teach your children a few words of a new language.  Plus if you get caught short in the middle of nowhere and need directions to the nearest town, you will be able to seek help much easier.  We got lost on our way to our French holiday home in the heart of rural France and had to ask directions from a Frenchman in the street.  We were so glad that we had polished up our Francais!  When Freddy was three we taught him to say 'Bonjour' and 'Merci' and he was a hit with all the French women in the local shop who were really impressed with him for making the effort.

holiday tips

5: Keep a scrapbook.  Every year that we go on holiday we buy a scrapbook and pack some pens and felt tips and a Pritt Stick so we can keep a family holiday diary.  Everyone joins in, drawing pictures, sticking in tickets, leaflets or photos, writing diary entries or sketching a cartoon, so we have everybody's thoughts and stories preserved within the pages.  We have done scrapbooks for all our holidays and they are lovely to look back on.  It's lovely to see some of the contributions from the kids as toddlers.  On a city break to London when Kizzy was just 2, she stuck in leaves that she had collected from the street, which she called 'flowers'.  It's a wonderful memory.  For our Disneyland Paris scrapbook the children wrote down little things that Freddy said so we never forget them.  They also stuck in the park map, tickets, receipts and made cartoons and stories out of the things we did together making wonderful memories to last forever.  It also gave the children something to do in any spare moments they had, plus it is an educational activity for when they are away from school.  Their grandparents loved being able to see what the children had been up to once we arrived back home!

holiday tips

holiday tips

6: Take a spare memory card.  You can never take enough pictures on holiday.  I literally take thousands and don't regret taking any of them!  Nothing is worse than running out of space on your memory card, so to be on the safe side we always pop a spare card into the camera case ready to use if necessary.  After all, who would want to miss photographing moments like this, when my little Ella met one of Cinderella's mice?!


7:  Do some research before you go!  Although we never stick to a strict itinerary when on holiday, I do like to know what attractions are nearby and have some wet weather contingency plans up our sleeves in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. You can also involve the kids in making plans and get them interested about places they will be able to visit.  It is nice to put some of the decisions in the hands of the children, it is their holiday too and they will enjoy it all the more if they have had a say in some of the things on the to-do list.  We have visited zoos, castles, theme parks and indoor play areas thanks to the kids planning with us!


Wherever you go I hope you have a happy holiday!


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