Tuesday, 31 May 2011

*CLOSED* Review and Giveaway - B.Sensible Sheet

Freddy is almost two and the time for some serious potty training is almost upon us. Without the protection of nappies, bedding can come in for some very harsh treatment and there is not much worse than a soggy mattress!  So when I was given the chance of testing a B.sensible 2 in1 Fitted Sheet and Mattress Protector for Freddy's cot bed I was only too happy!

B.sensible heralds a new dawn in bedding suitable for babies and toddlers (and adults too).  It offers a revolutionary sleeping experience that provides a solution to problems such as leaking nappies, sickness or bed wetting.  The sheets are not only waterproof they are also breathable so they care for baby'sdelicate skin.  There is no longer a need for separate plastic sheeting, which can be uncomfortable, noisy and can cause excess sweating.  The sheet also acts as a barrier against dust mites and bacteria .

B.sensible sheets are:

  • Made from 100% natural Tencel thermo-regulating fabric
  • Use a Dermofresh waterproofing system
  • Naturally provide a barrier against bacteria and mites
  • Hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, eczema, asthma & rhinitis.
  • Use a totally eco-friendly manufacturing process.
The sheets are fitted and are available for Moses Baskets right up to King Size beds in 24 colours.  They are washable up to 90 degrees and are suitable for tumble drying which is fantastic.  They can be washed and dried and put back on the bed quickly and easily when needed.

We were sent a white cot bed sheet to try out.  It came rolled up in a cardboard tube which did not use any excess packaging. It didn't feel plasticky at all when I took it from the box.  The waterproofing is so fine and the sheet feels soft like a fine jersey cotton. It is so different to any sheets I've ever used before and a far better option to having a plastic mattress protector under a sheet.

I tested out the sheet's waterproof quality by pouring a drop of water onto it.  The water pooled into a droplet before gently absorbing into the material.  Not an iota of water went through the waterproof membrane.  Impressive!

The water pooled on the sheet and did not soak through the waterproof membrane.

It fitted easily on the mattress and is a good size.  The quality is good. There is a 10 year guarantee on fabric and stitching defects.  I have complete confidence after my test that this sheet will cope with any potty training disasters that are on the horizon.  In the mean time it will keep Freddy comfortable and cared for, and protect his mattress.  

I have one B.sensible 2 in 1 fitted sheet and mattress protector to give away to one lucky reader. It is in Pure White and has an RRP of £19.99.

To enter simply do any or all of the following, leaving me a separate comment  for each.  Maximum of 5 entries per person!  Make sure that I have a way of contacting you such as a Twitter id!

  • Like B.sensible on Facebook and write on their wall that "Inside the Wendy House sent me!"
  • Follow B.sensible on Twitter
  • Follow this blog through GFC and/or Networked blogs
  • Like Inside the Wendy House on Facebook and write "I'm in it to win with B.sensible and"
  • Tweet "Win a @Bsensible cot sheet with @wendymcd83 Inside the Wendy House at "
The winner will be drawn on June 20th from all comments received.  UK only please. 

Find out more about these revolutionary bedding products at  

Shoot The Baby

"What you have caught on film is captured remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." - Aaron Siskind

Helen Webb's book "Shoot The Baby" (great title!) is a beautifully presented guide offering advice to parents on how to photograph babies and toddlers.  It is aimed at Mums and Dads, not professionals, and its light hearted, rather than technical, style presents ideas on capturing the best of those precious first years.

The ideas work with a full range of cameras from mobile phone to digital SLR.  Whatever format you are using, the tips help you create stunning photographs of your little one.

The book contains wonderful examples of beautifully composed photos of adorable little people!  The top tips and the composition ideas make creating your own shots really achievable.  With topics such as planning, lighting and achieving a winning smile, I felt inspired to experiment with my own Lumix G2. Freddy is not the most co-operative model, but many of the ideas in the book show how you can work around this.

The "Spot the Difference" section of the book highlights examples of what we do wrong and offers advice on techniques to improve our shots. Seeing the photos side by side, it was really clear seeing what could be improved.  It was most useful!

There are also practical tips on printing, post production, editing and online posting.  Digital photography can become a nightmare with thousands of pictures stored on a hard drive and never being viewed.   Organisation is the key!

Author Helen says:

“The book aims to help the average person with the average camera take better photos of their anything-but-average baby.  By exploring photography essentials and composition ideas in a light-hearted and easy to read way, I hope that new parents will now capture precious moments and milestones which do their babies justice.”

With suggested shot ideas to commemorate key events in your baby's life, alongside advice to address key areas of photography and the mistakes often made by amateurs, this book helps parents take professional looking photographs that capture their beautiful baby!  

Photos are so precious!  We are reminded to also capture tantrums, messy faces, grumpy faces or silly poses.  They will be so special in years to come!

I certainly felt more inspired and more confident using the settings on my camera, and have been a lot more creative with lighting and composition.

Here are a few early attempts to improve my photography!

Strong lines to structure a shot.

Natural light creating contrast.

Off Centre Composition.
I'm hoping to be able to capturte some great Silent Sunday and The Gallery shots utilizing some of the techniques I've learned!

"Shoot The Baby" is available at Amazon and at RRP £12.99.
It would make a great Father's Day present for a proud, camera wielding daddy or grandad!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Wireless Charging with the Powermat

In this technological age, what do you give to the gadget mad man that's got everything? (AKA my husband Ian!) Well, the answer is a Powermat, a wireless solution for charging a variety of hand held electrical devices.  iPhones, Blackberries, iPods and Nintendo DSis can all be recharged using this sleek stylish device that streamlines everything down to one mat, resulting in a neater, tidier office desk!

We were delighted to be given the chance to test the new Powermat.  Techno Daddy couldn't wait to get his hands on the latest gadget, whereas I was more interested in the fact that the Powermat would eliminate the problem of tangled, messy wires trailing around the house!

Ian has a Blackberry Curve.  The Powermat receiver replaces the usual phone back cover.  The device is then placed on the Powermat which gives a nice little electronic noise to let you know it is connected.  The phone then starts recharging, as simple as that! The receiver is slightly thicker than the original back cover which might make it too thick for some cases, but it wasn't a problem for us.

The intelligent system stops using energy as soon as the battery is full which is great for the environment and for the battery life of the device.

We were also sent a Powercube which includes a selection of adaptors which will connect other devices to the Powermat, without the need of having separate receivers for each one.  It is an all in one charging solution covering many major brands. This makes the Powermat even more versatile.

Ian was very impressed and thinks it is an excellent thing to have in the house.  So many times, our older kids visit home and their phones or iPods run out of battery. Having the Powercube means we are likely to have a compatible adaptor allowing them to recharge their device on the Powermat.  That in itself will avoid a whole host of moaning!!

Powermat is a brilliant for organising the recharging of gadgets in one place.  No more wires hanging out from any available plug socket.  The amount of times I've trodden on Ian's phone that has been left recharging on the bedroom floor!!  Well, no more thanks to Powermat!!

A range of Powermats, receivers and accessories are currently available from Amazon.

Cuticura for Healthy Hands

Ever since the Swine Flu pandemic swept across the UK, we have been far more vigilant with our hand hygiene!  So much so that my teenaged daughter won't leave home without hand sanitizer in her bag or pocket!

When we were sent a selection of Cuticura products, Ella was overjoyed!  More of her favourite product to test out for hand hygiene on the go.  It claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria so it is perfect for keeping you safe, clean and refreshed wherever you are.  They come in a variety of formats with prices starting at just £1.  A small price to pay for protection from bacteria and viruses offering the ultimate weapon against them.

We were sent the Hand Hygiene Wipes, Hand Hygiene Lotion, Hand Hygiene Foamer and the Hand Hygiene Gel.  They are all a convenient size which is perfect for a handbag, changing bag, pocket or glove compartment.  They are ideal for travelling, eating out, for use in public toilets, on days out or on holiday and anywhere where access to soap and water is limited.  With Festival season approaching, they are a must have!

I was particularly pleased with the wipes.  On a day out with Freddy he often ends up with mucky hands from  picking up sticks, playing in dirt or generally doing what little boys do.  Baby wipes clean off the dirt, but don't kill the germs.  Hand Sanitizer is tricky to administer to a squirming toddler intent on licking it off!  The wipes are the perfect solution, killing two birds with one stone giving him hygienically clean hands.  It puts my mind at rest knowing that he is germ free!

Cuticura do a Kids' Range especially for little people but I was perfectly happy using the same products for us all, as they are suitable for the entire family.

The pleasant smelling lotion, gel and foamer were not at all sticky and dried in seconds.  The Aloe Vera enriched Foamer is alcohol free and has up to 125 applications per pack.  That is a lot of hand sanitizing!

Cuticura is perfect for everyday hand hygiene keeping hands healthy anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Top That! for Bedtime Stories

Top That! Publishing is an award winning independent book publisher specialising in books for tots through to adults. Their pre-school range is designed to promote child development, enrich relationships and foster creativity and imagination.

I am extremely proud to have been selected as a Yummy Mummy book reviewer for Top That! Publishing.  I am delighted to be able to review a selection of their books Inside the Wendy House.  The first two books we have been sent are the very beautiful "When I Dream of ABC" and "Pandamonium".

"When I Dream of ABC" is a beautiful, soothing bedtime book set in an amazing dreamworld.  Wonderful fantasy characters are introduced for each letter of the alphabet. From opera singing mermaids to fairies that grant wishes if you tickle their nose!  The illustrations are sumptuous and detailed.  The wording is humorous...I was laughing at the deadpan wit while the children were enchanted by the tales of the friendly creatures.  It is a wonderful twist on learning the alphabet, and a lovely story to share at bed time.  

F is for Fairy...

The large sized 64 page paperback book is written and illustrated by Henry Fisher.  It has been shortlisted as a finalist for The People's Book Prize and I can completely understand why.  It is lovely and Freddy enjoyed looking at the gorgeous illustrations and listening to the funny text.  It's a lovely and very unique way to learn the ABC's!! (RRP: £6.99)

Big Sister Ella shares a bedtime story with Freddy xxx
"Pandamonium" is a hilarious story written in rhyming text about the pandamonium that occurs when the octopus lets the animals out of their cages one night at the zoo.  The zookeeper snoozes through their antics as the animals party lead by the dance-loving pandas.

The illustrations are fantastic showing the animals' antics beautifully.  Everything goes well until the skunk lets off a terrible stink which sees the animals running for cover.  The smell is so bad even the zoo keeper's nose starts twitching!  The sing-song rhythm of the rhyming text is fun and Freddy loves to listen to the words over and over again.  The added element of toilet humour evoked giggles galore! 

A Change in the Mood, Pandamonium ensued!

Written by Dan Crisp and illustrated by Mark Chambers, this delightfully funny picture book is 32 pages long.  Children will love the animal characters who are so expertly brought to life within the full colour pages.  It is a rousing read...probably not best at bedtime...far too funny!! (RRP: £5.99)

Ready for Pandamonium.

Both books are perfect for pre-schoolers.  I loved the fact that the humour in both titles was so refreshing making the books a delight to read to my son.  Ella 15 and Kizzy 8, both enjoyed sharing the stories with their little brother.  Both are a real hit!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Mega Bloks Prize from The Tots 100 Blog Hop

I was thrilled to bits to be chosen as the winner of March's Tots 100 Blog Hop with my Learning Through Play post.  My prize consisted of a family ticket to Drayton Manor Park which we'll be using for Freddy's birthday in July.  We also received some fantastic Mega Bloks for Freddy and Kizzy.

Kizzy received the Hello Kitty Big House and Candy Store which were absolutely gorgeous.  Even Freddy got in on the act.  The little Kitty characters were adorable and Kizzy loved designing the house....a future interior designer perhaps!

Kizzy was delighted with her goodies.

Kizzy's patio for Kitty.

Fred checks out the house.
Freddy received the brilliant MegaBloks Play and Go Table and an Imagination Bag.  The lovely colourful big pieces fitted together easily in his little hands. The lid becomes a road for whizzing the car around, and you can build a town around it.  Colourful stickers transform the bricks into buildings.
What's in here Mummy??


The Play table is lovely!
The Play Table has become a firm favourite in our house.  The lid mechanism is really effective.  The centre twists to lock the table top into place and the bricks are stored neatly underneath.  The table can be folded down for storage.The legs fold underneath making it easy to stow away or transport. It is a lovely toy and is really practical.  Freddy's imaginative play is getting more inventive.  His understanding of building with the bricks is getting better by the day.  It is a toy that is going to grow with him for years to come!

Thank you so much :)

Peter Rabbit Organics Juice Drink

Peter Rabbit Organics have brought out a range of fruit juice drinks especially for tiny tots.  Made from pure organic fruit juice and water, they come in handy 150 ml cartons, perfect for quenching toddlers' thirsts.  They come with their own pull out straw with a wider end for drinking through.  This keeps the straw in place when the carton is pierced, which is a great idea.

The range includes three flavours: Blackcurrant & Apple, Apple & Grape and Pear.  They have added vitamin C but no other additives.  They are suitable from ages 6 months +.  We were sent one of each for Freddy to try out.

He was intrigued by the lovely little cartons which are the perfect size for little hands to hold.  The pack design was really cute with Peter Rabbit on the front.

The juice itself is very mildly flavoured.  The gentle taste would be a perfect introduction to new flavours for younger babies.  They would make a good transition from drinking water...offering a touch of real fruit and vitamin C.  I think they were a little too dilute for Freddy who is used to drinking stronger concentrations of fruit juice.  Peter Rabbit Organics do larger bottles and cartons of 50/50 juice/water which may have been more to his taste.

Big sister Kizzy is never one to miss out of trialling new products and she supped up the drink happily.

The cartons retail for 75p from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Ocado, Toys R Us and other retailers.  This is a reasonable price for an organic baby juice drink, but more expensive than an ordinary carton of fruit juice.  I would definitely choose these for a younger baby.  Freddy had organic food and drinks for the first year of his life, but we've relaxed that rule since he started eating as a part of the family.  

Please visit for further product information.  They have a delightful range of organic pouches for babies!

Possibly the Bravest Post I've Done...Momentum!

I've decided that the only way I'm going to get motivated enough to really stick at the latest in a long line of failed diet attempts is to open up to everyone.  I want to share what I see when I look in the mirror.  I want to express the feeling of vulnerability and the desire to change.  I want to write a post that inspires me to do it for the long haul.

Since having Freddy I've lost over 3 stone, although the last stone has gone back on and off over the last 12 months.  It is that stone which is my problem.  It is that stone that I want to shake off and put behind me for good.  It is that stone that reminds me that I am weak, that I am undisciplined with my diet and that I am a failure.  It is that stone which terrifies me, taunts me and mocks my attempts.  But it is also the stone that I hide behind.  The one that almost comforts me, as it strips away any expectations.  It enables my gluttony.  It is my feeder.  It tells me "What difference does it make what you're fat anyway?"  It manipulates, lies and smirks as I eat another piece of cake or two.

For every part of me that wants to change, there is an equal part that fears that change.  It is ridiculous.  But it is that that sabotages my attempts.  Something buried deep inside that doesn't want to give up the greed and the comfort of limitless food.  It holds on tight.  I wish I could unearth why.

When I was younger I was thin.  My eating disorders, my rebellion and my control, maintained a skinny figure.  But I wasn't happy.  I look at photos of me with that body...5ft 11" and sylph-like...and wonder why I wasn't ecstatically happy, confident and in control.  Instead I was a depressed self harmer with no self-esteem who found myself single and pregnant at 18.  We are promised by the media and told by the multi-million dollar diet industry that slim equals happy.  We are told that the secret to happiness is to shed those last few pounds.  We are shown images of smiling women, spinning round in floaty dresses and posing next to giant jeans that they used to wear.  If only life was that simple.

As a Teenager
Pregnancy and the birth of my son turned my life around and put me on the path to where I am now.  My life has become a happy place where I feel content, safe and secure.  My adoring husband is supportive, complimentary, passionate and he loves me regardless of what size I am.  And over the years that we have been together, I have been many sizes!

Yet still this elusive weight related utopia beckons to me.  I want it, I really do.  These pictures show why.

Christmas 2009, and I'm stuffing in Ferrero Rochers in a "How Many Can You Eat In One Minute" contest with my family. I do well in these gluttony based competitions...funny that!

Christmas 2009
My sister got married in February of the following year.  I lost nearly 2 stone in 2 months.  I bought an outfit and some new wardrobe staples in size 16.  Within a few weeks, the new wardrobe I bought was too big.  Unworn size 16 jeggings still languish in my wardrobe.

February 2010
I have yo-yoed since then...stone on, stone off, but I am wearing size 14 clothes now.  The jeans are actually way too big and I always end up looking like a builder...not a good look.  I got brave and bought myself some size 12 jeans for Cybermummy and they fit well.  But they do unnerve me a little...since buying them I've been back to my old binging.  I've put on 5 lbs!

May 2011
I've just embarked on a Thinking Slimmer Slimpod Trial to "Lose 2 Jean Sizes" (available in Autumn) alongside a "Chocoholic Cure" .  The hypnosis MP3's have worked for me before, until my subconscious came along and sabotaged my success.  I had a phone call with Sandra (the founder of Thinking Slimmer) and discussed my 'problem' at length and this latest combination of Slimpods could help me on my way.  I am feeling more empowered.  My other weapon is my Diet Plate which helps immensely with portion control.  It is an excellent tool for making sure you don't over eat at meal times.  I'm also priveleged to be friends with some lovely ladies on Twitter including the lovely Liska who have the MomemTum group.  Support from other women sharing the same experiences is very powerful and motivating.

I'll leave you with the physical embodiment of the extra stone.  My belly.  Five pregnancies and an adulthood of yo-yo diets have resulted in something resembling over handled dough.  It's not attractive and it hangs over my waistband when I sit down.  I want it gone.  Now I've shown everyone what lurks beneath the baggy jumpers...I have a duty to get rid of it.

What lurks beneath!
Cybermummy is so close now!  I want to feel full of confidence as I walk in!  I want to look nice.  I don't want to hide beneath a baggy top.  I was tweeting last night about what to wear...I really want a gorgeous top.  But I don't even know what a gorgeous top would look like.  I hate clothes shopping.  I wish I had a Gok Wan to give me a hand!!  First things first starts NOW!!!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


This week, instead of the very lovely Kate casting her eye over our Listography, we have Keith!  Kate has entrusted her weekly bloghop to him based on his excellent suggestion for this week's list. The Reluctant Housedad has given us the prompt of "Finals".  Inspired by the mispredicted 'Rapture' debacle, Keith has been thinking about those final things we would organise with knowledge that our time would soon be up.  He wants to know what we would do??  I am instantly reminded of Ultravox's "Dancing with Tears in my Eyes" video, where Midge and his young lady disappeared under a symbolic white sheet as the end struck!  I am not going to base my Finals on bedlinen...even 100% Egyptian Cotton stuff.  Oh no!  So here without further ado (time's a wasting you know!!)  my Five Finals!

1: Final Supper
For once, guilt would not play a part as I scoff down a mountain of my favourite tucker.  If I'm about to meet my maker I'll do it on a full stomach, comforted by the endorphins released by consuming my feel good food.  A huge bowl of righteous Macaroni Cheese with extra cheese would be a good start.  A side order of Mushroom Chow Mein and Quorn Enchiladas would complete the course.  A tub of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey, an apple crumble with clotted cream, my mum's rice pudding and a really good cheesecake would make a nice dessert.  I'd be so stuffed, Armageddon would probably not even raise me from my post-dinner slumber!

2: Final Destination
For me, there's no place like home...however I am also seduced by the magic of Disney.  I'd like to spend out the last days of this mortal coil with Mickey Mouse et al in The Magic Kingdom, possibly riding on the It's A Small World After All boat ride.  To be honest, when I'm on that ride I'm usually willing the world to end to put me out of my misery, so it seems fitting.

3:  Final Film
I'd whack on a compendium of hilarious clips taken from my favourite funny films...Disaster Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, Scary Movie, Meet The Spartans, White Chicks, Dance Flick etc.  I'd laugh my way through any apocalyptic event when faced with my guilty pleasure of toilet humour ridden movies.  I've enjoyed culture, high brow and the arts...but if I'm going to go, I'm going to go out with a belly laugh!

4:  Final Farewells 
I imagine we'll all be blogging and Tweeting like crazy, and joining "I was there when the world ended" groups on Facebook.  So I'll have bidden my farewells across cyberspace....some sentiments in 140 characters, others tagging friends and some in status form.  But my real farewells, the ones that matter will be silent.  Holding my loved ones close.  Absorbing them into myself for all eternity.

5:  Final Act of Redemption
As the giant crocodile comes down from the sky bringing with it the wrath of the Gods by way of watery carnage (or whatever the Mayans drew in their big calendar that set off this whole World's End business) I would give thanks for a life well loved.  I have known true love, passion and joy with my amazing husband and soul mate.  I have had the five most amazing children who I have seen grow up and flourish, amazing me and delighting me every single day.  I have been truly blessed.  But in the spirit of redemption I would also say "Sorry" for those things I have done which have caused sadness, pain or distress to others.  (Except for that time when I  pretended to post back my ex-boyfriend's necklace (that he had previously given me) but instead I sent him an empty envelope with a hole in it and made out that the postie must've nicked it.  He TOTALLY deserved it!)
Image from

Now go and link up your five at Keith's and check out some more final moments!

Monkey Dunk

Hasbro's Monkey Dunk is another great pre-school game.  We recently tested Pop Goes Froggio and we loved it!  I've never seen a game elicit such a giggletastic response from my toddler!

So we were eager to give the other game we received from Mummy News a try.

Monkey Dunk is "The Monkey Flippin' Game with the Elefun surprise!"  The aim of the game is to launch monkeys into the lagoon to win banana tokens.  

The game consists of a sturdy cardboard back drop that fits into the box bottom, some plastic cups which become swimming holes in the lagoon, 16 plastic monkeys and an elefun popper.  There is also a lily pad blocker to make the game more challenging for older players and 20 banana tokens.

My Tiny Testers were eager to go.  To celebrate we even face painted a monkey on Kizzy's cheek!!  The monkeys were a good size for little fingers to manipulate, but flicking them was quite an acquired skill.  It's a tiddly winks type technique that is needed and although Kizzy mastered it, Freddy was too young.  The game is recommended for ages 4 and up.  Freddy however improvised by throwing his monkeys, so he could still join in quite happily!

The game is fast and frantic with all players flicking their coloured monkeys into the lagoon at the same time. The aim of the game is to get the monkeys into the four swimming holes.  The twist in the game comes in the form of the elefun popper.  The rubber ringed elephant sits in one of the holes.  You push him down and after an amount of time he pops back up marking the end of the round and bouncing some of the monkeys out of his hole in the process!

The monkeys that land inside one of the holes score the player one banana token.  The aim of the game is to collect as many bananas as you can!

Kizzy was the champion Monkey Dunker collecting a handful of bananas in the process.  

Overall, we enjoyed the Monkey Dunk game.  It is nice to play a game that the whole family can play together.  Anyone could be the winner.  In time Fred will master the launching the monkeys!  It is colourful and the characters are appealing.  It's fast and exciting so the little ones don't get bored.  It is well constructed and packs neatly back into the box.  Hasbro have definitely created some really great games that pre-schoolers will enjoy playing alongside their parents and siblings.  

Friday, 27 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From The Heart

Michelle at Mummy From The Heart is yet again reminding us to be cheerful for those little things in life that make us smile.

1:  I had a lovely lunch date with Louise and her baby son Tala.  I was so proud of Freddy who is so gentle and sweet to his little friend.  He passed him toys and squatted in front of him to talk to him, while little Tala grinned and beamed.  They are going to be great buddies. Freddy was happy to pass on his Graco highchair to Tala, who is just about to start baby led weaning.  I love seeing Fred's baby things getting a new lease of life.

2:  It's half term next week....Yay!!!  It is lovely having my children home.  Plus no school runs for a week...bliss!  I hope we get some good weather!

3:   Cybermummy is only a few weeks away.  I've been making plans with Louise who is also staying at the Hoxton.  We have our travel plans sorted.  We'll not be partying afterwards (the world will probably be safer because of this though) as we are both going to be suffering from having our virtual umbilical cords severed for the first time, and heading back to our kiddies. Please don't mock, we can't help it!!

The last time we went out together was actually my wedding in 1997!  We were a tad tipsy...check out Lou's hair and my see through skirt though!  The world would not be ready for a re-enactment of this!

Michelle has asked us to recommend a new blogger.  I'd like to send you all to go and check out James Spence at  He's a proud new dad to a baby boy and one of my fellow 2011 Toyologists.  He draws the most amazing cartoons, and if his review that he entered into the Toyology competition is anything to go by, there will be some amazing posts coming up soon.

Penn State Launches New Snacks

Penn State, the UK pretzel giant, is launching a brand new range of pretzels and popcorn this summer.  Perfect for the health conscious, on-the go consumer, Penn State products mean guilt-free snacking!  The low fat, low calorie snacks do not compromise on taste, and the range of varieties are exciting!

Innovative new air popped popcorn in Sweet & Salt and Monterey Jack Cheese flavours will be hitting the shelves this summer in 80g bags.  I was sent a sample of the cheesy popcorn to try and it was absolutely delicious.  It was quite unique and so very moreish!  I will definitely buy it in the future as a healthier snacking option for my family.

Sizzling seasonal Spicy Tomato and Chorizo pretzels in 175g bags are also being brought out along with a re-launch of Worcester Sauce flavour, back by popular demand in 175g and handy 35g bags.  

A bottom coated milk chocolate pretzel and a festive Gammon & Mustard pretzel will be added to the range later in the year. 

New Worcester Sauce flavour pretzels are available to buy now in ASDA. Chocolate Pretzels will be available from October in Morrisons. The original range is available to buy in most major supermarkets.

Penn State’s new range is available as follows:
  • Monterey Jack Cheese Popcorn – available summer 2011, in 80g packs, RRP: £1.29 and Sweet & Salt Popcorn – available summer 2011, in 80g packs, RRP: £1.29. 

·        Worcester Sauce Pretzels – available May 2011 in 30g and 175g packs, RRP: 60p & £1.29 respectively
·        Spicy Tomato & Chorizo Pretzels – available summer 2011 in 175g packs, RRP: £1.29. 
·        Half-coated Milk Chocolate Pretzels – available October 2011 in 100g packs, RRP: £2.49
·        Gammon & Mustard Pretzels – available autumn 2011 in 175g packs, RRP: £1.29


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