Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A moment that mattered from 2013

2013 was a funny old year.  With much of the early part of the year given over to Ian's operation and long, slow recovery, my memories are a bit of a blur.  It took a long time for Ian to get himself back to normal
and I think my brain has safely locked away all the stressful moments and worrying times that we experienced.  Recovery time was meant be be three weeks, but it took Ian something like six weeks to feel like himself again. That aside, and given that the outcome of the operation has improved Ian's life and future health, it wasn't all bad.

In 2013 we enjoyed some great family holidays to Center Parcs, Disneyland Paris and Butlins.  We had loads of great days out, threw some fun parties and did some cosmetic work on the house.  There was lots of fabulous family time and I got to meet my beautiful great nephew who I am totally smitten with.  I spent time with my grandson and watched as my own son became a wonderful dad, which made me immensely proud.

But if I had to pick one moment from 2013 that really made a difference to me, it would be Freddy starting school.  Being a July baby, meant he was just over 4 years old in September.  He had an incredibly traumatic time on starting nursery and never completely settled into the routine of his daycare.  Consequently I was worried sick about my baby boy being thrown into full time education. It really affected me negatively, although I tried not to show it. It hung over me like a dark cloud as the school holidays came to an end.

The local school he was due to start at, is a big, oversubscribed Infant school with a reception  intake of over a hundred children.  Securing the much sought after place just did not feel right for us. I thought he would be lost in the sea of little people and not given the one to one support he'd need.  So, at the eleventh hour, I refused the place and I found him one in a tiny, rural school with an intake of just seven kids and an ethos of care, compassion and family values. It just felt like the perfect setting for my little boy to thrive in, where he would be treated as an individual and given the time to grow.  I was still nervous about Freddy being at school from 9-3 everyday and worried about everything from him eating lunches to going to toilet.  But my boy surprised me.  He went straight in on day one without as much as a backward glance and has been a happy schoolboy ever since. He loves the school routine, adores his teachers, has lots of little friends and is learning at his own pace. I am just so proud of him and am so impressed with how he tackles life head on. He may be little, but he is a tough cookie and a real star.

school, uniform

This moment is also significant to me as his mother because I trusted my instincts and went against the expected route to find something that was right for my son.  It's a reminder to me of the importance of doing what's right for each of my children, treating each of them as an individual with their own needs and to fight tooth and nail to provide the best for them.  This is something that I try my very best to do, and so when it works out I feel totally validated as their mum.  It's nice to feel like I've done the right thing.  I so often second guess myself or over think situations or doubt my decisions, but sometimes you just have to trust your judgment and do what you believe is the right thing!

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