Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What Fred did when Daddy's back was turned!

Daddy's back was turned for just a minute at bedtime.  He left Freddy snuggled up in bed, as he popped downstairs for a moment. He hoped Freddy would fall asleep, but he had other ideas. These few moments were all the time it took for Freddy to sneak out of bed, go into Kizzy's room, seek out her make-up bag, find her brand new eyeliner and transform himself using his makeshift face paint. When discovered, he proudly showed off his freshly drawn cheek scar, stubbly chin, moustache and eye-patch strings, declaring that he was no longer Freddy - he was now a pirate.  He was so very pleased with himself that even Kizzy saw the funny side, despite the fact that her make-up had been compromised in the hands of her 4 year old brother.  It always astounds me just how quickly little ones can seek out mischief, it is truly an art form and one that Freddy excels in!  

facepaint, mischief

He really is turning into the most delightfully cheeky and gorgeous boy, who truly makes our lives so much more entertaining.  I had forgotten what it was like to have a boy in the house.  Freddy is a non-stop, whirling dervish of energy when he gets going, climbing on furniture, bouncing on sofas and throwing toys around the room.  He likes to kick things, hit things and knock things over.  All the while he will be pretending to be a superhero or a character from a video game, chasing bad guys and defeating enemies. Aside from this pure gender typical machismo displayed by my four year old, he does still have a soft side.  A cuddly, kissy, gentle, loving side that thrives on the adoration he gets from us all.  With his sisters as his role models he still indulges in a few girly moments now and again, where he pops on a wig from the fancy dress box and calls himself Bellina or Jasmine or Georgina.  So although he is often found creating some sort of havoc involving makeshift weaponry and imaginary force fields, you can still find him looking like this....

Rapunzel wig


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