Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Why my Mum and Dad really are Superheroes!

Since becoming finalists in the Volkswagen Ultimate Family Hero Competition  I have really reflected on what being a family superhero means.  I nominated my parents, 76 year old Jill and 77 year old Stan.  They have been happily married for 55 years, which is a heroic feat by anyone's standards.  They are still very much in love and spend all their time together. They are grandparents to thirteen grandkids.  Tom 23, Loralei, 22, Katie 22, Joe 22, Emily 19, Megan 18, Maisie 16, Ella 14, Charis 13, Kizzy 8, Adrian 2, Freddy 1 and Dylan 3 mths.  Without fail they visit my sister and I every week.  They bring a bag containing 5 different fruit and veg products (making sure we get our five a day) along with some treats for the kids.  Nana often bakes an apple pie for each of us.  She knits constantly, a hobby she took up following a fall that left her with a metal plate in her wrist.  After months of physiotherapy she found that knitting strengthened her wrist and aided its mobility.  She hasn't stopped since.  The younger babies are kept in jumpers and cardies, the older children get fingerless gloves and hats!  We lovingly refer to them as NanaKnits!  Grandad suffers terribly with artritic knees that has, over the years, lead to hip and back pain as his body compensates for the pain in his knees which has affected his posture.  He practices Reiki and tries to alleviate his pain without the need for painkillers.  He puts a brave face on it though and is always laughing and joking.  He is, as they say, a real character.  He adores his family and really would do anything to help any of them.  He has financially helped the older grandchildren in times of need, for example he has helped Tom pay for a new car. I'm sure he would love to be more hands on with such pursuits, but his physical limitations make it impossible.  However, he is interested and supportive and generous.  He is the biggest fan of his grandchildren and his pride is palpable.  He loves to listen to the family band Her Bandana Dreams and is quick to sing along with songs he knows.

For us, the three generations of family come together effortlessly.  The love and affection is evident.  The hugs and kisses flow freely and the laughs are aplenty.  In this day and age I know we are incredibly blessed to have the family we have.  It is wonderful to see my parents' marriage as a role model to the grandchildren.  It is fantastic to see how demonstrative and comfortable with affection, the children are.  It is wonderful that they are so confident, loving and respectful.  I thank my parents for providing the cornerstone upon which I built my own life.  Through them I developed the tools I needed to forge my own happy marriage and raise my own incredible children.

Without my Superhero Parents, none of us would be here.  Without their love, support and care, our story may have been very different.  I thank them and stand by my nomination for Superpops and Nana!

Voting starts on October 11th.  Regardless of the outcome, they are our family superheroes!!!

Superpops and Nana


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