Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Baking Inside the Wendy House

If there is one thing that really conjures up the idea of family togetherness, it is the whole process of baking with the children!  The sight of my 8 year old in her chef's hat and apron wielding her miniature wooden spoons is just delightful.  It's an image from a bygone era, pre-laptops and before CBBC.  It harks back to simpler times when things were homemade...there was no Krispy Kreme Donut concession to tempt us out of the kitchen.  If you wanted a cake, you baked it yourself.

In our house, Muffins and Cupcakes are our thing!  The varieties are endless ranging from light as a feather yogurt based lemon muffins to rich, dark, dense dark chocolate and raspberry cupcakes!  We have adorable cake cases with animal prints or polka dots on them. We make big ones or mini ones!

We top them with fondant icing, ganache, cream, fudge frosting or glace icing and decorate them with fresh berries, chocolate curls, hundreds and thousands or sweeties!  We have a production line and work together as a team, with the ocassional sweet treat being popped directly into my eager helpers' mouths!  We have such fun with it!  We make them for any and every ocassion!




Our latest favourite and super easy recipe is VANILLA CUPCAKES which the kids adore and I would highly recommend for a fabulous fun cooking with the kids session!



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