Monday, 4 October 2010

More Car Madness!!

Just as the excitement of the VW filming has calmed down...we now have another crazy experience to contend with!!

I spotted a competition to win a Hyundai car with the Eden Shopping Centre in High Wycombe.  You had to upload a picture of a car you had built and post it to their wall.  Ten finalists would win the chance to compete in a Hands on my Hyundai Competition.  The person who lasts longest takes the car!  After 6 hours in the event of a tie, a tie-breaker will take place.  Runners up win a goodie bag! 

I challenged my husband Ian to enter this one, because he is the gadget mad one, who loved Meccano as a child!  So next day at work he set about carrying out this task.  As he works in the IT industry it seemed obvious to use computer components...CDs, pieces of Hard Drive and Key Board bits helped construct a rather ingenius little car that he proudly photographed and emailed to me!!  I was very impressed, especially with him spelling out Hyundai with keyboard letters!  So we entered it!

Surprisingly, only 22 entries were received in this competition.  So the odds were very much in Ian's favour.  I also think his was definitely one of the best, having been built especially for the competition and paying homage to the brand...making it particularly apt!

Today he received the phone call to say he is in the final 10.  It's going to be mad.  High Wycombe is 3 hours away from us and the contest starts at 9.15am.  6 hours standing up with 2 hands on a car is going to be horrible...but Ian was a Venture Scout and loves a challenge!!  We're looking at it as another unexpected adventure that we would never have done otherwise.  Life throws these opportunities at you...I think you have to grasp them and roll with them and see what fate has in store for you!!  I'll be there supporting Ian and regardless of the outcome, we will have another unforgettable family adventure!!



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