Monday, 25 September 2017

Schleich Dinosaurs - Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor

New to the Schleich Dinosaurs collection is the dinotastic Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor playset, which promises some exciting pre-historic adventures for young dinosaur fans to enjoy. It is part of a range of realistic dinosaur figures and accessories that combine to recreate through play, the days when the dinosaurs ruled the world.

Shleich Dinosaurs Large Skull Trap

The Schleich Large Skull Trap set includes a Velociraptor figure, which features movable arms and jaw, along with a Compsognathus and a bearded dragon lizard so you can begin playing straightaway. The giant fossil-like skull makes the perfect play location for children to explore. The realistic looking, sharp toothed skull opens up, allowing the hollow cavity inside to be used as a trap for canny dinosaurs to catch their prey. The trap snaps shut when the tip of the skull's nose is pushed downwards, making some interactive, jaw dropping action to inspire imaginative pre-historic play. Budding paleontologists will love to act out a Jurassic adventure with the Velociraptor using the lizard as bait to catch the larger Compsognathus!

Shleich Dinosaurs Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor

The skull and the dinosaurs are made to Schleich's usual very high standard. The detailed models are of an excellent quality and are each lovingly hand painted to create a toy that will look great on display when not being played with. The dinosaurs look so realistic with their textured skin, sharp claws, teeth and colouring. The skull itself is very sturdy and well made and the jaw and teeth are rubberized to avoid fingers getting trapped.

Shleich Dinosaurs Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor

I really like this playset. The quality of the skull will see years of play and it looks so impressive with its detailing and large size. All three of the dinosaur figures fit inside when the jaw is closed, making it easy to store the pieces together. The opening angle of the skull can be adjusted to two positions and the mechanism feels really strong and secure. There is nothing flimsy about this toy, it is such good quality.

Shleich Dinosaurs Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor

At £24.99, the Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor would make a great Christmas gift. It is a standalone toy in its own right or will be an excellent addition to an existing dinosaur collection, adding a new dimension to playtime. It is recommended for children aged 4+ but will suit children much older due to its realism and collectibility.

Shleich Dinosaurs Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor

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