Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Thumb Chucks - the latest fidget toy #thumbchucks

The current trend for fidget toys has taken the market by storm for both adults and children. The latest fidget skill toy on the scene is the addictive Thumb Chucks. The pairs of light up balls (or chucks) are connected together with a cord (or belt), allowing users to master skills and tricks and 'control the roll'. Chucks are interchangeable to create your own colour combos, adding to the fun.

Thumb Chucks, fidget toy

Young children, teens and adults alike will enjoy mastering the skills and controlling the roll of the Thumb Chucks. Whether you're killing time, out and about or fed up at work, Thumb Chucks can help entertain you and focus your mind. There are online tutorials to teach you tricks such as the beginner's Pass, Rebound and Wrap moves. The basics are quite easy to master and you can then elaborate on them adding your own spin or following the advanced tutorials to master some extreme skills. It gets really challenging and uses a lot of co-ordination and concentration. You can submit videos of yourself doing the skills to earn new belts for your Thumb Chucks.

Thumb Chucks

Freddy went freestyle with the Thumb Chucks using them as light up spinners and clackers as well as trying out the basic moves. He also loves making patterns by spinning them in the dark! His hands are quite small, so some of the skills have been a bit fiddly for him to master, but the beauty of the Thumb Chucks is that you can just use them to play with, keeping your hands occupied and having fun. They really are quite addictive. We've all been having a go with them and practicing the moves - they are easy to learn but a real challenge to master!

Thumb Chucks, fidget toy

The Thumb Chucks from Zing Toys retail at £7.99 and are recommended for ages 5 to adult. They are available from toy shops, retailers and online. There is going to be a big social media buzz as players are encouraged to share tricks online. Thumb Chucks are tipped to be 2017's answer to the Yo-Yo!

Take a look at to discover this new craze, learn new tricks and skills and watch the experts in action. There are some seriously impressive skills on show.


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