Monday, 8 May 2017

Food Review - Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauce and Duerr's Marmalade

Add some sunshine to breakfast with Duerr's Marmalade

Duerr's marmalades come in a variety of flavours and textures, making a marmalade which is exactly how you want it to be. Whether you like your orangey bits thick or finely cut, or if a fine citrus preserve is more to your liking, Duerr's have it covered.

I was sent two of their lovely rounded jars to try out, one with Thick Cut Classic Seville Orange Marmalade and the other with Sunny Lemon Smooth Citrus Conserve.

Ian is a big marmalade fan. He'd give Paddington a run for his money! He loves the chunky marmalades packed with peel spread thickly on granary bread. Whereas I like the smoother conserves with the flavour of fresh, fruity, juicy citrus without the bitter aftertaste. So we were both happy!

Both are suitable for vegans and the marmalade is available from Tesco and Sainsbury's.
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Get ready for barbecue season with Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauces and Glazes are perfect for barbecue season. Bringing the authentic flavour of Tennessee, they come in a range of flavours and have the distinctive smooth taste of Jack Daniel's Whisky. We were sent a Smooth Original Barbecue Sauce and a Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze from the range.

The Smooth Original has a rich caramel flavour and is perfect for adding a luxury twist to everyday foods. It's perfect for stirring through Pulled Quorn or jackfruit. It can also be added to gravy for a rich, barbecue flavour.

The Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze can be used to glaze vegetables or can be used as a dipping sauce. You can brush it onto veggie kebabs before cooking or add to stir fry vegetables to make a filling for a tortilla wrap. You can even make vegan bbq carrot dogs for a super healthy twist on a classic!

Both are suitable for vegans.

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