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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Grown Ups - featuring Zippo, HARIBO, Sugru, Dorco and Danger Mouse

If, like me, you now have grown-up children, they can often prove quite tricky to buy for. Even though three of my kids are now in their 20's, they still enjoy being part of a family Christmas and that includes finding a Christmas stocking and tree presents on Christmas morning. Here are some ideas for presents suitable for the grown-ups that work well as stocking fillers or for Secret Santa gifts. They are practical gifts with a quirky twist for the young at heart and are all good value for money.

Dorco Eve 6 Razor Subscription

How many of us at some point have shaved our legs using an old, blunt or rusty razor?  I know I have and I've got the nicks and scars to prove it. Why not avoid this from ever happening to a loved one again by gifting a subscription for the Dorco EVE 6 razor. Experts in shaving technology for over 60 years Dorco's  EVE 6, is their first UK razor for women.

Promising some of the best razor technology around, the Dorco EVE 6 has six blades, split into a unique 3 double blade format to contour to your body shape; ergonomic, non-slip handle and a multi-flex pivoting head. The moisturising band contains soothing, calming  aloe, moisturising, anti-oxidant Vitamin E and rejuvenating, calming lavender to avoid irritation. It promises a shave like no other!

Christmas gift ideas, razors

You can purchase the Dorco EVE 6 either as a one-off or as a convenient subscription straight to your door.  Order the  Dorco EVE 6 from just RRP £4.55 at  Subscriptions, which include replacement heads start at £5.45 a month. Men's razors and subscriptions are also available.

Zippo Candle Lighter

I love candles, especially during the winter months, where they add a lovely warming ambience to the room. The Zippo Candle Lighter is a great addition to any candle loving home, making lighting candles easier, safer and more efficient.

The attractive slimline, brushed chrome lighter has a soft touch ignition system and adjustable flame dial and has child safety features. The lighter has a good weight and feel and has the quality that you expect from the Zippo brand. Its length means you can light a candle wick, lantern or fire without burning your fingers. It comes in a plastic case with full instructions and has a three year warranty.

Christmas gift ideas

At £13.75 RRP it is a lovely gift idea, especially if teamed with a gorgeous scented candle (and a can of butane, which is not included with the lighter).

See the Zippo range at

Sugru Rebel Tech Kit for technology hacks

This is a great stocking filler for the tech lovers in the family. The kit comes with a booklet featuring 14 awesome DIY tech projects that allow you to get the most out of your technology. Using Sugru mouldable glue, there are a whole host of life hacks that you can carry out from repairing frayed cables to organising storage to pimping games controllers to making DIY security cameras. The Sugru can be moulded by hand and in 24 hours turns into a strong flexible silicone rubber. This allows it to be used in a host of inventive ways for both fixing and hacking your tech.

At just £10 it is a lovely gift idea, perfect for a Secret Santa present. The smart little kit contains the booklet, 4 single use packs of Sugru in red, black, grey and white, a storage tin and a Sugru remover.

Find out more at

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HARIBO Mega Stars Selection Box

We all know grown-ups love HARIBO just as much as the kids do, so the brand new Mega Stars Selection Box is a great little gift idea for adult sweetie eaters. The 300g presentation box includes a selection of HARIBO favourites - Starmix, Tangfastics, Super Mix and Giant Strawbs. Best of all for me, the Giant Strawbs are suitable for vegetarians!  Look out for the larger 600g selection, which is perfect for parties. Also check out the HARIBO Starmix & Tangfastics Crackers, perfect for stocking fillers. 

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Find out more about the HARIBO range at

Danger Mouse Merchandise

I love it when an iconic and much loved thing from my own past celebrates a resurgence and becomes popular again. That is what has happened with the brilliant Danger Mouse, bringing rise to a host of cool merchandise this Christmas. From mugs to jigsaws to books to toys to DVDs, Danger Mouse and his sidekick Penfold are still going strong 35 years on!

For grown-up Danger Mouse fans, there are some great T-shirts available at Debenhams and from Asda George. The blue Debenhams T-shirt comes in a lovely presentation slip box and features Danger Mouse declaring himself "The Boss!" on the front. At £18 RRP, it is good quality and makes a great gift idea for one of the men/ Danger Mouse fans in your life.

Christmas gifts, DM

The Asda T-Shirt is priced at £8. George also does mens' PJ bottoms for £10. Danger Mouse also has a range of baby clothes in Mothercare, which is adorable! A set consisting of a babygro, bodysuit and bib with a comic book style design is £15.99.


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