Friday, 25 November 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas - Bratz RC Hoverboard

This Christmas, the Bratz dolls are jumping on the latest hoverboard trend. The new range features fully functional RC hoverboards so the dolls can whizz around dressed in their cute helmets and safety gear. Cloe and Yasmin are both available with a co-ordinated hoverboard, which matches their accessories. 

The range combines all the appeal of a Bratz doll with the fun of a remote controlled vehicle. Just like a real hoverboard, the Bratz hoverboard goes forward, backward and in circles and LED lights shine on the board when it is in motion adding to the cool effect. The RC controller is egg shaped and matches the colour of the hoverboard, pink for Cloe and purple for Yasmin.


The set features an adjustable doll stand, which enables Yasmin or Cloe to stand on their light up hoverboard while in motion for realistic hoverboard action. Both dolls are wearing a trendy new, casual outfit, as they adopt their hoverboarding style, accessorised with pink or purple elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet. The fact that they are wearing safety gear is setting a great example to encourage children to always stay safe when playing on bikes, skateboards, skates or even on a hoverboard like Cloe and Yasmin.

The easy to use Hoverboard RC controller allows a range of movement so the board can move forward, backward and complete a full 360° turn. The remote control requires 2 AA batteries and the hoverboard requires 3 AA batteries. So be sure to stock up ready to play.


The Bratz RC Hoverboard dolls are recommended for children aged 5 and up and have an RRP of £39.99. It is a great Christmas gift idea for Bratz fans this year.


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