Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Yankee Candle True Rose - the scent of love

Love and romance are sure to be in the air this Sunday when Valentine's Day comes round for another year. Most of us enjoy being swept along with the sentiment, and I personally enjoy the excuse to make a special meal, decorate the living room with red balloons and buy little gifts for my loved ones - I say loved ONES because Valentine's Day is also extended to our children, because they enjoy joining in with our celebrations too. We've had many a candlelit dinner for six, complete with heart shaped cakes for dessert! 

If you are looking for a gift for your significant other or if you want to set the scene for romance, Yankee Candle has a gorgeous range of floral and fruity fragranced candles, which perfectly capture the sentiment of Valentine's Day. I was sent a beautiful True Rose jar candle.

valentines day

The rich red coloured wax has an incredible scent of alluring, velvety rose petals.  The fragrance has a good strength that fills the room and is really authentic - very much like the smell of a freshly cut bouquet of red roses. It gives the air a romantic and passionate ambiance that lasts long after the candle is blown out. With 150 hours burn time, the True Rose candle will keep smelling sweet, long after a bunch of flowers will have wilted.

As it is fragrance of the month at Yankee Candle,  you can currently buy one for the reduced price of £16.49 for the large size jar (usual price is £21.99).  Express delivery is available online.

Yankee Candle also have some other lovely gift ideas for Valentine's Day. There is a five votives gift set which includes Fresh Cut Roses, Red Raspberry, Pink Hibiscus, Sweet Strawberry and True Rose for £8.99. They also have a lovely gift set featuring a large Red Raspberry Jar Candle and an Illuma-Lid in a heart design for £29.99.

With a range of jar candles, votives, melts and accessories, and with a load of different fragrances and designs, it is easy the perfect gift whatever your budget, making it simple to share the love this Valentine's Day.


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