Saturday, 13 February 2016

Netflix Night In - what will you watch?

Netflix have sent us the biggest, snuggliest blanket to help keep us cosy while we enjoy some great Netflix Nights In. With so many great series, documentaries and films to choose from, the only problem is choosing what to watch!


Here are my kids' suggestions from the new titles coming this month for a Netflix Night In.

Freddy 6 - Muppets Most Wanted (available 25th February)

While on a grand world tour, The Muppets find themselves embroiled in a dastardly jewel heist orchestrated by an evil Kermit look alike. This exciting caper sees the real Kermit behind bars while evil imposter Contantine uses the tour as a cover for the crime of the century. Will The Muppets realise there is an imposter in their midst and will they be able to stop him in time?  Starring Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and The Muppets cast, it is a great film for fans to enjoy as a family. There are several cameo roles from famous celebrities, which are fun to spot.

Kezia 13 - Shadowhunters - The Mortal Instruments

New episodes of this fantasy series are available weekly with episode 5 airing on February 10th. Based on the bestselling books by Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters follows the story of Clary who discovers that she has angel blood and was born to protect humanity from demons. After her mother is kidnapped by a powerful foe, Clary has to learn about her past and what her future may hold, as she is thrown into a new life of demon hunting.

Ella 19 - Enchanted (available 26th February)

This delightful film is one that all the family will be enchanted by!  Beautiful princess Giselle is banished from her magical fairytale life by an evil queen, onto the streets of chaotic modern day Manhattan. Despite the fact that she is a million miles from her home and her Prince Charming, she keeps a song in her heart. When she finds herself falling in love with a handsome lawyer, Giselle questions her feelings for her fairytale prince, who has come to rescue her - but can story book love survive in the real world? And will the evil queen manage to get rid of the princess who she fears will marry her stepson? With a wonderful mix of animation and real life, plus some awesome original musical numbers, this is a lovely family movie for a Netflix Night In.

Megan 24 - Pretty Little Liars

Into its sixth series with episode 15 airing on February 10th, Pretty Little Liars is a drama filled with twists and turns, intrigue and dark secrets. Following the murder of Alison, her friends begin to receive sinister messages threatening to expose their secrets and destroying their seemingly perfect lives. Signed by the mysterious A, the girls band together to discover the secret identity of their anonymous foe and unravel the mystery of the murder of their best friend. The plot is intriguing and you are drawn in as clues are revealed that keep you guessing.

For me, I'm a big fan of Netflix documentaries. After watching Making a Murderer and becoming obsessed with miscarriages of justice. I have found some other amazing, but shocking and often harrowing documentaries on a similar theme. Thin Blue Line, Give Up Tomorrow, West of Memphis and The Central Park 5 all make excellent viewing and pose many worrying questions about the justice system. If like me, you are a self-confessed armchair detective, these are the perfect titles for a grown-up Netflix Night In.

For your perfect Netflix Night In - what would you watch?


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