Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Volkswagen Experience Begins.....

The photographers came yesterday for the photo shoot. They transformed my sister's conservatory into a photographic studio...much to the interest of my one year old who stared at all the intriguing gizmos and gadgets as if they were the latest Playskool offerings!  He seemed to take a shine to the photographers too, throwing plastic balls into their working area hoping to get some attention.  Thankfully the two Toms were very nice guys and happily indulged him in his game tossing them back!
My sister and I got a little bit flustered over the assistant photographer.  He had spent a little time in front of the camera himself and had landed himself a BT campaign albeit as a hand model.  Personally, I think Calvin Klein should snap him up, because he was sporting the low slung jeans look to perfection with his CK's peeking over in the most tantalising manner!  It certainly provided us with some top dollar eye candy and has been a definite perk of reaching the finals!!!

Grandad aka Superpops was up first.  The photographer gave him instructions to pose as a superhero...chest out, chin up, hands on hips...and he duly obeyed.  He did extremely well although his Superman flying pose came over a little bit Morecombe and Wise!  I thought my dad might skip off at any minute in M&W finale style!!  Nana was up next.  She was so nervous while my dad was doing his bit, worried she wouldn't do as well as him.  However, once she was in front of the camera she chanelled the inner diva and did a fantastic job that put Britain's Next Top Model to shame!  She might be 76, but she'd give them a run for their money!  She enjoyed it so much I think she is now looking forward to the whole fly on the wall film crew experience next week!

The party ideas are buzzing around my head.  How to make an element of surprise for 8 year old birthday girl Kizzy so the film crew get the response they are looking for, is the most difficult part.  That and the restrictions on the band playing covers because of copyright restrictions.  The latter problem though is an opportunity for the girls to showcase their own original work and Ella has already penned a song for the ocassion, which must be good because it made me cry!!!

So, it's all systems go!!!!


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