Saturday, 18 September 2010

12secondstrip, oo'ing and potato heads!!

Having resurrected my comping habit, I've come to realise just how much it has all changed since the early 90's.  Gone are the supermarket leaflets, displayed amongst the baked beans or toilet rolls, asking you to complete a sentence in an apt and original manner.  Instead, with the advent of the internet and its associated technologies, we have a whole new forum for competition promoters to explore.  It's an exciting world with infinite possibilities and i feel I have only scraped the surface thus far.  However, I am embracing the new world and much to the embarrasment of teenaged daughter Ella, have entered into the realms of the video competition.
Unfortunately our videoing is limited by a lack of good editing software so we have to rely on one take Flip recordings.  This is obviously not as impressive as the beautifully cut, special effect filled productions that fill YouTube...but I hope an injection of personality and originality might sometimes be held in higher regard by the judges.  After all, we are not professionals and to discriminate against us would be a little cruel. 
So with that ethos in mind, me and Ian set out this morning to try and compete with the other entrants in the 12SecondStrip for Renault.  Picture it...Ian in a balaclava, winter coat, jeans and a T-shirt stripping off to reveal floral bermuda shorts in under 12 seconds.  While I, resplendant in coat, hat, scarf, long skirt and top, umbrella in hand...whip of my kit to reveal a tropical 2 piece barely covering my still wobbly baby belly and muffin top!!!  But do you know was so liberating and such fun.  We did about 10 takes out in the chilly autumnal morning in our back garden.  As our house is overlooked by at least eight other houses (god bless George Wimpey's policy of cramming in as many houses as possible), the neighbours who happened to glance out of their window on this Saturday morning would have been in for a big surprise!!  A pair of 40 somethings ripping off their clothes against the clock whilst being filmed with a Flip on a tripod!!  We're never going to win the car which is the prize up for grabs...but we did it!  We laughed a lot!!  I think I've actually put my neck out due to my over zealous clothing removal...but I did something totally out character and we had fun!
Yesterday, youngest daughter Kizzy helped me record an Oo'ed version of the Corrie theme tune whilst I was dressed as Hilda Ogden complete with curlers and feather duster!  Later today we are going to re-enact an iconic scene from Hellraiser using potatoes.  Then we might turn ourselves upside down, draw eyes on our chins and record ourselves singing a song.  Why??????  Because we can.  Because it's fun and someday, someone might just judge our entry as being better than everyone've got to be in it to win it!!!!


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