Thursday, 1 March 2018

New Schleich Dinosaurs for 2018

This year, Schleich are introducing some new exciting dinosaur figurines to their pre-historic Dinosaurs collection including the Oviraptor, Tawa and a brand new design Velociraptor.

All of the Schleich figurines are designed with great attention to detail and meticulously painted by hand. The Dinosaurs collection enables children to explore the fascinating prehistoric era and discover its creatures through play. Each figure comes with its own mini fact file, so children can learn about these amazing creatures that conquered the Earth. Playsets are also available in the range helping create a pre-historic landscape for imaginative play.


The Oviraptor was a large flightless, bird-like dinosaur who lived 75 million years ago. The figurine is well detailed with a feathery body, beaked head and clawed wings. It's an odd looking creature and a great addition to a dinosaur collection, bringing its unique avian appearance.

The Tawa is a  carnivorous dinosaur with a slender snout and long neck. It was a lightweight, fast dinosaur with a long tail that originated in South America.

The Velociraptor is a very popular dinosaur because of their role in the Jurassic Park movies. They were intelligent creatures that hunted in packs, and who could run at up to 65 km/hr. Terrifying! This new figurine has jaws that open and close, and a mouth filled with impressive teeth. The arms also move up and down, adding to the play value. The detailing includes the clawed hands and feet, including the deadly sickle shaped claws on its toes. The yellow, blue and green colouring is quite vibrant and the skin texture has a suggestion of feathering. It's an impressive creature and a great addition to a collection.


The Oviraptor and Tawa are £7.99 and the Velociraptor is £9.99 available from


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