Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Awesome Little Green Men - collectible toy soldiers

Kids have enjoyed playing with toy soldiers for generations, from the lead soldiers that my own dad used to play with to the Toy Story style soldiers that my son Freddy has.

Awesome Little Green Men is the brand new collectible toy to hit the UK, and its fresh approach infuses battle game play with the collecting of unique characters to bring the toy soldier genre into a whole new age. There are 100 figures to collect in Series 1 including four super rare characters in both green and blue armies.

Little Green Men

Each individual soldier has its own expression, weapon or vehicle and has unique stats, allowing players to build the strongest troops to win battles. The figures are cartoonesque and quirky with oversized heads and helmets.

Awesome Little Green Men

We received two sets: the blue Marksmen Squad and green Ranger Unit. Each includes four soldiers, one of which comes in a blind, top secret box and one in a rare vehicle, along with four dog tags on a chain. There is also a collector's poster and a game guide in each pack.

toy soldiers

Basic gameplay is quite simple. You set up your armies on a smooth surface about six feet apart, using the soldiers in formation to protect and guard a chosen object. Soldiers each have a number of power points printed on their bottom, so you can build an equal army to your opponent. You then use a coin as a slider, which you flick up the battlefield to march your soldier forward or to attack your opponent. The aim is to capture your opponent's guarded object. Each soldier has a number of hit points and when they have been used up, your opponent can capture that soldier.

Awesome Little Green Men

It's a fun game to play, but if you prefer simply being a collector, the soldiers each have their own appeal with names such as Colonel Sonic, Captain Quiver, Sergeant Sure-Shot, Major Attack and Private Matters and each have their own individual personalities. Children will enjoy collecting and displaying them. Find them in Smyth's Toys or find out more at


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