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Neatlynamed - Name labels for kids' clothing and belongings

According to new research, commissioned by Neatlynamed, manufacturers of labels for children’s clothing and belongings, mums spend a staggering £1,589 replacing items lost by their kids before the age of ten - and spend nearly two days in total looking for them. Having had five children myself, I can definitely agree that we have misplaced hundreds of items over the years.

The research of 1,000 mums with children aged three to ten found the average child misplaces a total of 483 belongings between the ages of three and ten - with hats, jumpers and cuddly toys among the most commonly lost items, with 62 % of possessions NEVER being found again.  55% of mums admitted that losing items can sometimes be traumatic. I remember my daughter losing her favourite cuddly toy dog and spending hours on Ebay trying to find an identical replacement. Definitely a bit traumatic!

School or nursery is the place children tend to lose things most often. My children have definitely lost plenty of items of school uniform, gloves, hats, PE kits and coats during their time at school. However other items seem to simply disappear when playing inside at home, with the fridge, tumble drier or the roof of the car being common places for these missing items to later turn up. 50% of those surveyed said they have known their little ones to lose items within just 20 minutes of getting them for the first time. Another finding that I can relate to! One of my daughters lost her brand new Minnie Mouse sunglasses within minutes of buying them.

Four in ten mums admit they’ve had to replace the same item repeatedly and 47% of kids have even lost items belonging to their mother.  Only 16% of mums believe that their little ones really appreciate the value of their belongings, although personally (like a third of mums) I think that most children simply don’t consider the possibility of losing things and inadvertently mislay them. 60% of mums think that losing items as a child helps them to appreciate the value of things later in life.

Thankfully, three quarters of mums put name labels on their youngster’s belongings to help prevent them becoming permanently lost with 64% of those polled saying items initially lost and subsequently found had name labels on them.  I have always labelled my children’s belongings and have retrieved numerous items from the lost property basket at school thanks to them having my children’s names on them.

The cost of sending children back to school with the cost of new school bags, uniforms, stationery, lunchboxes and water bottles is pretty huge.  So it is important to protect their belongings by clearly labelling everything. In a school you can get hundreds of identical objects and other children can easily pick up the wrong sweatshirt or cardigan. Name labels increase the chance of misplaced belongings finding their way back home again.

name lables, back to school

Neatlynamed provides a range of self-adhesive stickers and name labels designed for children’s clothes and personal items. This includes its Peel ‘n Stick clothes labels, iron-on labels and shoe and sock labels as well as stickers for marking personal belongings. All labels can be personalised with a child’s name, choice of colour and an icon.

Neatlynamed has also launched its new range of Disney themed clothing labels to help engage children in looking after their items and ensure they are easily identified. The new brightly coloured labels feature some of the most popular Disney characters including those from Cars, Planes, Frozen, Disney princesses as well as Mickey Mouse and friends.

I received some of the labels to make sure my children's belongings are properly named. I absolutely love the Peel 'n'n Stick clothes labels as they are so easy to use. No need to get out the iron or the sewing kit, you simply stick them to the care label inside the item and they attach to it securely. They can withstand the laundry process for about 8 months and are swimwear safe. The personalisation allows for a cute icon to feature alongside the child's name, adding a fun element for children to get involved in. Freddy chose a cool little monster for his labels. 

The new Disney labels are really lovely and feature a whole host of Disney favourites. With labels suitable for either clothing or belongings, Disney fans will love labelling up all their things ready for the new school term. We love the characters and the appealing designs and they come in a useful variety of shapes and sizes.

Ordering is very simple online and delivery was speedy and at n extra cost. The labels are of a high quality with good, clear printing.

You can check out the full range of products and place an order at


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