Thursday, 27 April 2017

CozyPhones - soft, fleece headphones for kids

Freddy loves his iPad, whether he is watching YouTube videos, listening to music or playing games. However, he also loves getting into bed with us early on a Sunday morning to watch the latest video or listening to his own music playlist in the car or playing a game snuggled up to me on the sofa while I'm trying to watch something on Netflix. Now, there is only so much DanTDM, Ariana Grande or Hello Neighbour that I can deal with in a day, but I don't want to send Fred away or ruin his fun by telling him to turn it off. Up until now, there has been no alternative for me other than sucking up the cacophony of different noises as Freddy hates bulky headphones and uncomfortable earbuds. 

But then, a miracle happened! I was contacted by a US company called CozyPhones who offered to send us a pair of their super comfortable and soft fleece headbands, which contain a discreet pair of quality, ultra thin speakers and a flexible, durable, braided stereo plug. They are easy, safe and fun to wear and allow children to listen to their music, films or games without sharing the noise with everyone else!


The CozyPhones come in a variety of designs including the adorable panda that Freddy received. Other designs include a frog, unicorn, monster, bunny, cat and fox. They are all cute, colourful and fun with masses of kid appeal. The fleece is super soft, light and comfy to wear, providing a hassle free solution for listening to favourite devices.


Freddy loves the cool design, the comfy fit and the ease of use. He is delighted that they don't hurt his ears and he loves wearing them. The headphones work really well and provide a great way for little ones to listen to music, watch videos or play games while providing a peaceful atmosphere for everyone else. They are perfect for bedtime, travelling or for using around the home.


I am so impressed with the CozyPhone headphones. Freddy does struggle a bit with sensory issues, but he absolutely loves these. They don't hurt his ears at all, unlike other headphones we have previously tried. He can use them in his car seat, on the go or while lying in bed. It is easy to adjust the speakers into the optimum position and the band holds them perfectly in place. We get peace and quiet, he is happy. Perfect!


They are available to purchase in the UK from Amazon at £15.99 a pair (just search CozyPhones) with free next day delivery for Prime members. They also come in adult sizes too, in fleece, lycra and contour fit. They would be perfect for listening to music while exercising or for listening to audio books, music or hypnosis tapes in bed. The speakers are removable so the headband can be washed to keep it hygienically clean.

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