Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pancake Day Fun with Robinsons

Robinsons, the UK’s favourite squash brand, is made with real fruit in every drop! With this in mind, Robinsons have challenged me to cook up some fruity pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, inspired by some of the fruit flavours in their range of squashes.


We love Pancake Day. It's a great excuse to indulge in some fun in the kitchen, whipping up and tossing pancakes with the children. Topping with fruit is a tasty addition and contributes to our five a day. So tonight we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making some delicious Robinsons inspired, fruity topped pancakes.


The pancake recipe we use is a non-weigh American style one comprising of one cup of flour, one cup of almond milk and one free range egg, which are whisked together until smooth. Spoonfuls of the batter are then poured into hot oil in a frying pan and cooked on one side, then flipped until the other side is golden brown. The pancakes are so light and fluffy.

pancake day

Classic, traditional freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar is one of my favourite toppings for a pancake. It is fresh, zingy and tangy but still sweet enough to taste delicious (just like Robinsons Real Fruit Lemon squash). It is a real reminder of my childhood! For a lower sugar version, use a Stevia sweetener with the lemon juice.

Lemon and Sugar Pancakes with Robinsons Lemon Squash

Robinsons Fruit and Barley Strawberry & Kiwi is a wonderfully, fruity combination. Strawberries and sliced kiwi fruit is also an incredible topping to go on a pancake. I love the contrast in the colours and the way the slices look so interesting. Drizzle over a little organic maple syrup for a delicious dessert.

Robinsons Fruit and Barley Strawberry and Kiwi inspired pancake

We really enjoyed making and eating our fruity pancakes this year, serving them with a glass of Robinsons squash. It was the first time my children had tried the  Robinsons Strawberry & Kiwi flavour Fruit & Barley and they really loved it. It makes a great change to the usual orange or blackcurrant squashes, and will definitely become a new family favourite.


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