Sunday, 11 December 2016

Vegetarian Cheese and Ham Swirls #ChristmasSnackHack

I really enjoy entertaining over Christmas and have a stock of recipes perfect for making quick snacks for unexpected guests (or for treating ourselves over the festive period!) It is reassuring to know that I can knock up something fast and tasty especially when those #LittleMomentsofChristmasChaos occur!

Here is a really simple but impressive festive snack hack that is so easy to make using just three main ingredients including a tube of Primula Cheese with Chives. This recipe for Tear and Share Vegetarian Cheese and Ham Swirls makes a snack that looks amazing and tastes even better. Tearing and sharing is a fun, informal and sociable way to eat - absolutely perfect for Christmastime.

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Vegetarian Cheese and Ham Swirls


1 can of Croissant Dough (makes 6)
1 tube of Primula Cheese with Chives
1 pack of vegetarian thinly sliced 'ham'
egg to glaze


Open the tin of croissant dough and unroll it. It is perforated to make six triangles with each pair of triangles making up a rectangle. Gently press the dough across the diagonals to re-seal the perforations and then cut the dough to make three rectangles.

Primula cheese, croissant dough, recipe

Spread a third of the tube of Primula over each dough rectangle.
Top with slices of vegetarian ham.

Primula, Quorn, snack hack

Roll up from the long side to make a sausage shape. 
Repeat this with the other two rectangles of croissant dough.


Carefully cut into inch slices and arrange in an 8" ovenproof dish. 
Leave space around each swirl for them to rise and expand in the oven.
Any extras can be placed on a baking tray individually (use greaseproof paper to stop them sticking). 
Glaze with beaten egg.

vegetarian, Primula, cheese

Cook in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for about 12 - 15 minutes until golden brown.
Serve warm straight from the dish.

Primula, recipe, cheese

My family absolutely love these Vegetarian Cheese and Ham Swirls. They would work equally well using whatever veggie meats you have in the fridge, so you can adapt them to suit your needs. Just make sure you have a tube of Primula and a can of croissant dough to hand (I always buy a few tins over Christmas for impromptu breakfasts or snacking) and you can make a batch of these in no time at all.

Primula, Christmas, vegetarian, recipe


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