Monday, 15 August 2016

Fun for kids with Persil Wild Explorers app

This summer, Persil has partnered with The Wild Network to introduce the new ‘Persil Wild Explorers’ app, an absolutely free resource packed with over 100 exciting ideas to encourage kids and families to play, learn and get dirty outdoors - whatever the weather!


Activities can be filtered by time, age and location so you can find the perfect activity to do together. Whether you are at beach, in a park or in your garden and whether you have 10 minutes or an hour to spare, there are loads of great ideas for fun things to do. You can also track and share your wild time adventures, so you know exactly what fun things you have done together. 

The activities are all good wholesome fun and don't cost the earth. There are endless play opportunities in the great outdoors from flying a kite to den building to bug hunting to playing conkers. Kids will love crabbing or making artwork out of shells on the beach or enjoy some physical parkour style free running in the woodland. Not only do they get fresh air and exercise, they can get creative, use their imaginations and learn important skills. Many of the activities raise children's awareness of their surroundings and teaches them about nature.

The Persil Wild Explorers app, gives families the ideas and inspiration to get outdoors and embrace playtime, giving kids freedom, fresh air and fun and if you get muddy, Persil will take care of the dirty laundry!

We've just come back from our summer holiday, where we stayed in a lodge in Sherwood Forest, giving us the perfect opportunity to download this app giving us some ideas for things to do. I loved the idea of Leaf & Plant snap, which uses fallen leaves instead of a deck of cards. The forest was the perfect setting for this game!

The 'Surprise Us' feature chooses a random activity to enjoy, so we tried some completely new things including forest parkour and 'fun in the rain'. It's a great way to discover something a bit different.

The Persil Wild Explorers app is available to download now absolutely free on iOS and Android, allowing parents and their children to:

  • Explore family-friendly activities for different locations
  • Discover an activity for any weather condition
  • Find outdoor play ideas ranging from 10 minutes to hours of fun
  • Uncover activities for explorers of all ages
  • Track Wild Time adventures

For further information and for more ideas on getting outdoors and getting dirty, visit


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