Monday, 25 April 2016

Geronimo Festival - food for vegetarian families

We're really excited to be attending Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park on May 29th! As a family of vegetarians, attending events can sometimes pose a problem when it comes to eating. All too often vegetarians and vegans aren't catered for, but I'm pleased to say Geronimo has got it covered.

Returning to Tatton Park over the weekend of 29th – 30th May and debuting at Harewood House from 1st – 2nd May, the Geronimo Festival features a great range of food sellers to suit every taste.

Duke’s Pizzas are made on site straight out of a 1972 Dodge Tradesman – and cooked to perfection in a traditional wood fired oven in under 2 minutes.

Poffertjesking is an authentic Dutch company who bake Dutch mini pancakes, Belgian waffles and crazy milkshakes. With toppings including Oreo, Cadbury fudge, Nutella and the classic lemon and sugar, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Nourish aims to provide both adults and children with a nutritious alternative to traditional fast food. With meals made fresh every day from locally sourced ingredients, Nourish’s menu lists every ingredient included in each dish, and no salt or sugar is added to any of their food. Nourish will be serving food from their brand new children’s menu at Geronimo, including  sweet potato mash with homemade chipotle beans and mozzarella, wholewheat flatbreads, fresh fruit smoothies and more.

Mezani Grill will be offering something a little different – bringing a taste of Kenyan street food to Geronimo.  This includes a lentil curry with biryani rice.

Castaway Kitchen will be serving the best in Mediterranean street food – with flatbreads filled with a range of vegetarian and vegan delights combined with a salad of tomatoes, red onion, lettuce and Tzatziki, all locally sourced.

Sno Fro is the home of authentic Hawaiian shave ice – perfect for sunny afternoons. Unlike a slushie, Sno Fro is made of finely shaved ice with an exotic choice of flavours and collected in a pretty flower cup.

Smoothie Mania will be offering a wide range of juices and smoothies with no added sugar, no syrups and 100% fruit.  Gluten free and diary free, all smoothies are made in front of you, great for your five a day.

 Not having to worry about what we're going to eat, means we'll have more time for quality family fun as we share in the exciting activities that Geronimo has on offer.

Geronimo is aimed at families with children aged between 2 and 12 years old.  Tickets are priced at £25.00 p.p. for a one-day ticket with under 2’s going free. Visit for more information.


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