Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How to Enjoy A Night at the Movies - in the comfort of our own home

We love movie nights here Inside the Wendy House. Films bring families together, giving us an opportunity to snuggle up to enjoy a good movie. Film nights are also a lovely opportunity for grandparents to get involved with the grandchildren - you can be any age to enjoy a good movie together. A film night at home is also a really cheap alternative to a night out at the cinema, so it can save you some money without compromising on having a good time together.

We have been given the opportunity to host a Night at the Movies in our own home, courtesy of Gracewell Care Homes, with a blockbuster movie to watch, and some snacks to munch on.

Hosting a film night is easy:

  • Invite family or friends over at a set time for the showing of a film.
  • Pick an age appropriate film for your audience. If younger people will be attending, be sure you have permission from their parents to let them see films that have a 12A or above certificate.
  • You can purchase a film on DVD or Blu-Ray if it's one you want to keep, otherwise you can use a streaming service (such as Amazon Video, Sky, Blinkbox or iTunes) to purchase a 24 hr rental. 
  • Provide suitable snacks that are easy to eat with the lights out!  Retro sweets served up in individual portion sized paper bags are fun and cones of freshly made popcorn are perfect film food and very cheap to make yourself. Of course you can provide gourmet popcorn if the budget allows - Joe & Seph's popcorn is my absolute favourite. Cans or juice cartons of drinks save on any post film washing up. 
  • Make sure there are plenty of cushions and blankets so everyone can get comfy.
  • Turn the lights out and switch mobiles on to silent mode.
  • Enjoy your movie night!

films, George Fairbairn
Image by George Fairbairn

It is such a great activity for kids of all ages to enjoy. Little ones love a good Disney film or cartoon feature, and we regularly sit down together to watch the latest must see movie with Freddy and Kezia. But having older children too, means we can also enjoy some more grown up movie nights. It is lovely to spend quality time with our teenagers. So Terminator Genisys was our film of choice, which is a certificate 12. Once Freddy was in bed we were able to begin our film night.

We are big fans of the Terminator movie franchise and this latest edition did not disappoint. It was wonderful to see Arnie back in the lead role taking on his younger self thanks to the time travel element of the films. Game of Thrones' Emilia Clark takes on the role as Sarah Connor. Genisys combined the trademark humour and action of the original movies to create an enjoyable, exciting action film, with a wonderful touch of Terminator nostalgia.

film night

This post has been inspired by Gracewell Elderly Care Homes who put on family film nights for their residents, encouraging members of their families to attend, bringing the generations together for activities everyone can enjoy.


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