Friday, 19 June 2015

My Top Five Favourite TV Dads

Currys are currently running a Father's Day competition for bloggers to write about their top five favourite TV dads. My girls, Kezia, aged 13 and Ella aged 19, really got excited by the prospect of this competition. So rather than just helping me to think of our top five TV dads, they decided to recreate our favourites using their own ever accommodating dad as their model. We spent a fun few hours using hair, make-up, a razor and props to transform Ian into the following five fabulous small screen fathers!

Walter White

OK. So on first impressions a murdering meth cook may not have the best credentials for being father of the year. But bear with me while I put the case forward for Walter White. On being diagnosed with lung cancer, this mild mannered chemistry teacher set aside his law abiding morality in order to provide for his family. He saw an opportunity and he took it, becoming a pivotal part of the cutthroat drug trade in the process. He loves Walter Jr and Holly and worked out exactly what it would cost to raise them to adulthood and made strides to raise that amount in as quick a time as possible.Walt was not driven by greed, he was driven by his desire to provide for his kids, without leaving them with the burden of his medical bills and with no father to provide for their future. His reasoning was actually pretty selfless and his motives were based on his paternal desire to protect his family. He risked his life, his safety and his very soul, believing that the ends would justify the means. Of course, by choosing a path though the dark underbelly of criminality, and leaving a trail of death, drug addiction and destruction in his wake, Walter's initial altruistic intentions became seriously corrupted the deeper he immersed himself into this dark world. However, we should not forget that initially, in his naive eyes, everything was justified because he simply wanted and needed to provide for his children after his death. Good dad? Yes - I'll give him that - even if he is more than a little misguided, criminally minded and utterly deceitful!!

walter white, breaking bad

Phil Dunphy

I LOVE Phil Dunphy the slightly hapless but utterly adorable dad from Modern Family. Father to Haley, Alex and Luke, he sees himself as the 'cool dad' who is always looking for new ways to bond with the kids, being a friend as well as a father. Things don't always go Phil's way, but he somehow always manages to come out of things with the love of his family intact. The warmth and love that Phil Dunphy has for children is just so heart warming. He doesn't always get it right, but his intentions are always pure. His somewhat off the wall attitude to problems sometimes initiates a chain of events that leads to him finding himself in some kind of big trouble, but he always manages to get things back on track with his trademark smile and goofy charm. Everyone should have a Phil Dunphy in their lives, to brighten up even the dullest day.

modern family

Ron Swanson

The grumpy department head of Parks and Recreation may appear rather crusty on the outside, until that is, he meets his future wife and her two little girls while fixing a pot hole in Pawnee. Becoming step dad to two daughters brings out Ron's softer side allowing him to become a wonderfully indulgent daddy - even allowing himself to be dressed as a princess to please his girls. Having a son, baby John, completes the family and the evolution of Ron Swanson. Fatherhood changes him and makes him a better man who genuinely cares for others. The once unapproachable man becomes everyone's father figure as he embraces his new softer outlook and allows his heart, newly filled with love, to define him. Ron Swanson lets us believe that people can change for the better and that fatherhood is often the motivation for that change. A man who is a good daddy is the most attractive and most wonderful of all men.

parks and rec

Fred Flinstone

Yabba Dabba Doo!  Fred Flintstone may be a slightly reckless individual who often shirks responsibility in favour of a game of bowling or a night out with his best buddy Barney, but his main motivation is to try and improve his family's lot in life. He works hard and plays hard, but his love for his family is at the heart of what he does. Fred Flintstone is a flawed man with multiple issues (gambling, drinking, idleness and short temperedness) but put Pebbles, his baby daughter, in his arms and he turns to putty! She softens his temper and makes him want to be a better man for her. Even a Neanderthal like Fred Flintsone can be a great dad.

Flinstones, fancy dress

Ned Stark

Eddard Stark is the head of House Stark, Hand of the King and Lord of the North. He is a dedicated husband and father, a loyal friend and a man of real honour. He is father to Rickon, Bran, Aria, Sansa and Robb. He also has an illegitimate son Jon Snow (RIP Jon - it's still raw!) and is guardian and father figure to Theon Greyjoy. He treats all the children with utmost respect and without discrimination.
Ned is truly the most honourable and honest man ever and he raises his children with sheer integrity, taking full responsibilty for his actions. He teaches his children how to be just as honourable as he is preparing them for their harsh life in Winterfell. He is fiercely protective but loving (especially to his little ones). It is such a shame that his head ended up detached from his body (damn that Joffrey - I still can't believe that it actually happened!) Ned was definitely the most honourable and the best father in the whole of Westeros (just compare him to the likes of Tyrell Lannister and Stannis Baratheon to see what an utterly amazing dad he was!)

Game of Thrones

These top TV dads are all fabulous characters who fulfil their roles of being a father in very different ways. Through the medium of television, we get to explore and experience fatherhood in all its glory, with love, with humour, with honour or with a desire to provide. We enjoy watching men whose hearts are melted by fatherhood and men who resort to extreme measures for their children. We love seeing men become the best versions of themselves after the arrival of a baby in their life.

But with all the different types of dad in the world, my girls 100% agree that the very best type of dad for them is their dad! (After all, he allowed them to dress him up as Ned, Phil, Walter, Fred and Ron simply for their entertainment!)

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there! x


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