Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

There is something very magical about personalised gifts bearing a child's name.  Children love to see their names in print, and even from a young age, their name is one of the first words they recognise. So imagine their delight in seeing their names in print in their own beautifully written and illustrated storybook. is a company that creates beautiful, bespoke children's books, each one as unique as the child's name.  They tell the story of a little boy or girl who wakes up to discover that they have lost their name.  They bravely go on a quest to discover their name, meeting marvellous, magical characters along the way, who each give the first letter of their own name to help the child recover what they have lost.

The book is beautifully printed on lovely, thick paper and is exquisitely illustrated throughout.  The rhyming text is warm, rich, humorous, fun and very personal as the child sees the letters gather together to spell out their lost name. Both the illustrations and the story itself, create a beautiful, quality storybook that is going to be treasured for years to come, where the child is the amazingly courageous star of the show.

Freddy was sent one and it is beautiful. The story sees the little boy meet a frog, a robot, an eagle, a dragon and a yeti along on his magical journey. I did wonder how they would deal with the second D in Freddy's name without repeating itself, but this was dealt with when the boy found it inside a talking hole!  It is simply lovely and a brilliant concept in children's books.

For a child with an unusual name, these books are really special.  Any name can be used to create a personalised book that is specially printed for the child.  As a mum with children who do not have mainstream names, I think this is a wonderful service, enabling me to get something very precious and personalised for my children.

The project is 100% independent and totally self-published. You can tell that it has been a labour of love by the creators.

You can create a book online and can preview how it will look before ordering. Each personalised book costs £18.99 with free worldwide shipping.  This includes a free personal dedication on the front page.

There is still time to order a book in time for Christmas using the fast track delivery service if you order by December 12th. But this gift is perfect for anytime of the year!



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