Monday, 25 March 2013

Poundland Easter Egg Hunt

As a Poundland Ambassador, I was challenged to do an Easter Egg Hunt for my little ones with a £20 budget, buying items from Poundland's own seasonal range.

As ever, I was impressed with the range available all for just one pound each!  I filled my basket up with lots of goodies: 

Easter Egg Hunt kit
Easter bucket
18 fillable plastic eggs 
novelty chalks
Easter craft kits
Easter decorations
cupcake box
bunny ears
Cadbury's Caramel eggs
Cadbury's Buttons Easter egg
Smarties Mini eggs
Haribo Easter sweets
Milky Bar Easter Egg
bunny footprint stickers
egg stickers
egg stakes


 Unfortunately the weather has not been conducive with Easter Egg hunts (snowball fights would be more appropriate) so we had an indoor egg hunt instead.  I loved the cute animal design signs and colourful numbered egg tokens that made a trail around the house for Freddy (dressed as an Easter chick) and Kizzy (with bunny ears) to follow.  The bunny footprints were a nice touch adding some magic.  We filled the fillable plastic eggs with mini eggs and hid them too for Freddy to find and pop into his Easter bucket.


He had fun gathering his loot with his big sister.  The four colourful egg tokens were exchanged for a Cadbury Easter egg which Freddy was was very chuffed with!  It's a shame that this year's weather is so horrible as it put pay to my idea of doing Easter pavement art with the carrot shaped novelty chalks, and decorating the lawn with the decorative egg stakes as the kids searched for the clues that would lead to their Easter goodies. But we did the best we could, and it was great fun!  Indoors or out, Poundland's range of Easter treats allowed us the have some seasonal fun without spending a fortune.