Monday, 6 April 2015

What Fred Said about Music and his Family Easter

Freddy requested some music for us to listen to in the car:

Me: "Freddy you've got such good taste in music!

Freddy: What do you mean taste?  You listen to it not eat it!!!


Freddy had a fabulous Easter weekend with his brother, sisters and his nephew Ted all home, along with Ella's boyfriend Frank and Joe's fiancee Jade, His grandparents also came for Easter Sunday.

There were Easter Eggs, our Annual Eggstreme Eggstravaganza Easter Quiz, roast dinner for 12, bunny ears and some rather extreme plate spinning!!  I have honestly never laughed so much in my life!

I love Freddy to spend as much time with his three eldest siblings as possible, as they don't live  at home any more and he loves them so much. When all five of them are together I am at my happiest. We have so much fun! 

Freddy is such a lovely uncle to little Ted, looking after him, playing with him and teaching him the odd rude word!  Ella's boyfriend Frank has rapidly become Freddy's honorary bro' and he spent many hours on the trampoline with him playing games that Freddy called Sizzling Sausage, Beetroot, Scissors, the Gorilla game and Avoid the Ball.

Freddy spent the weekend saying that things were "divine" - Ella's dress, his dinner etc. - and that it was the "best Easter ever!" so he obviously had a great time too.

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  1. Jill Stan Jones8 April 2015 at 11:41

    Dad and I were delighted when you invited us to spend Easter Sunday with you - the fact that members of the family who I havent seen for some time were also there was such a thrill. I think, in fact I know, everybody enjoyed themselves and the dinner was first class - you excelled yourself Wendy. xxxxx



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