Saturday, 19 October 2013

What Fred Said and an Urban Picnic

It's been a bit of a taxing week for Freddy.  I think 5 weeks at school is catching up with him and his sleeping and eating have been affected.  He's been so tired after school and I think he's having a growth spurt to add insult to injury.  It's tough being a 4 year 3 month old school boy.

In spite of that, my lovely boy has still given us some gems:

Freddy: Do you know what gravy tastes like?
Nana:  No, can you tell me what gravy tastes like?
Freddy:  Gravy.  (Logical!!)

The girls were talking about the organs of the body (for some reason) and Freddy told them that he had a heart.  They asked him what his heart was for.  He pondered, clasped his hands under his chin and looked to the skies dramatically..."It loves!" he said.

We drove to Manchester today and Freddy was gazing out of the window.  We went past a big electricity pylon.  Freddy said, "Are we in Paris?  They have one of those in Paris."  The pylon did bear an uncanny resemblance to the Eiffel Tower!

Freddy decided that he needed to enjoy a bit of the outdoors this weekend (he clearly wanted to get involved with #countrykids today!)  Before we left for our day in Manchester, for Ella to attend a university open day, Freddy packed himself a picnic.  He packed a cool bag with some food and also put in a blanket.  He announced that he was going to "have a picnic like Peppa Pig did" in the episode he had watched before we left.

  Where was Freddy going to have a picnic?? We were going to Manchester, to the heart of the city.

Freddy was undeterred by this fact and found himself a little concreted spot in the street where he opened up his bag and set down his blanket before tucking into his yummy snacks.  The mild autumn weather was perfect for picnicking, even when there is no grassy spot available.

It proved to me that you don't need to go somewhere fancy for a little one to turn it into an outdoor adventure.  He really makes me smile :)

picnic, manchester

We encountered an intense storm on the way home which resulted in the biggest, brightest double rainbow that I have ever seen.  Eventually the rainbow disappeared from our view.  My clever boy said "Is that because it isn't sunny and rainy anymore?"  Genius!

We are looking forward to our half term holiday, just one more week to go!  I'm counting the days until I've got Freddy home for a week of rest, relaxation and quality mummy time!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. good on him to find some outdoor fun in the city!

  2. Oh I felt all gooey when I read that his heart..... loves!
    Aren't our boys Adorable with a capital A!!!!
    I love his picnic too and that you're looking forward to half term.
    He looks so so cute.
    Thanks for linking up. I really really enjoy what Fred said x

  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona)20 October 2013 at 15:52

    Our children do come out with little gems which are so adorable. Freddy must be the youngest in his class, bless him for doing so well. Love the fact that he packed his own picnic and wasn't going to be deterred. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Boy was heart set on a picnic, no matter what obstacles were in his way. You gotta love him. xx

  5. I always look forward to reading "things Freddy has said" and I wasn't disappointed when I read the latest blog. As for packing himself a picnic and sitting down on a concreted spot to eat it - well that was genius. Well done my clever little Grandson. xxx

  6. Urban picnicking is a favourite past-time here at PicnicShop HQ!

    Good to see Freddy's getting into the spirit already!

    The PicnicShop Team



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