Saturday, 24 August 2013

What Fred Said! #SaidItSaturday

This bloghop from New Mum Online celebrates the wonderful things that our little ones say, so we never forget them!  Freddy is now 4 and says so many wonderful and funny things that I just had to link up.

My favourite thing this week was actually something that I thought was really clever.  My spatial awareness is utterly useless and so I was very impressed when Fred asked me:

"When we are upstairs do we walk on the downstairs ceiling?"

I thought that was pretty smart of my boy!

Other than that, He has decided to use the word 'accidentally' instead of 'actually' in his sentences.  Even when you correct him, he tells us that he thinks it sounds better that way!

He is a big fan of Austin and Ally on the Disney Channel and keeps telling us that he sounds like Austin before breaking into his rendition of Oxygen from Teen Beach Movie with lyrics that go:
"I wanna to be the ocean to your shore, I wanna be the moo noo a na naw." (Who needs real words when you are 4!!)  He actually loves music and growing up in a house where his older siblings play their tunes has influenced his tastes.  He is, as I type this, singing "Nodiggity!"  Other favourites include Hoody Allen, The Killers, Walk the Moon and Passenger.  I love hearing him singing out loud with no inhibitions.

Some of Fred's language has verged on colourful.  For example Freddy shouted out something that sounded like "Penis Shitness!"  We're not entirely sure what he meant to say or if indeed 'penis shitness' was his intended comment, but needless to say we all struggled to keep a straight face!

But my favourite Freddy-ism of all time has to be when he was telling me how he thought his sisters looked:

"Ella is beautiful, Megan is gorgeous and Kizzy is fabulous" he said.
So I asked, "What's Mummy then?"
"Mummy is fattiness!" he replied.
I really shouldn't have asked!


  1. Oh superb. Living with Fred must be a riot. He sounds adorable.
    4 sounds like a good age.
    Thanks for linking up my darling.
    I ALSO think recognising upstairs floor as downstairs ceiling is very clever - shows he has a scientific mind. We must remember this later when it starts to shine and we can isolate the origins of it :-)
    So lovely that he adores his sisters and his fattiness. They love our cuddly bits though

  2. Hahaha oh dear - Jessamy spent a good few weeks telling me I was spotty so who knows what she'll be saying when she's Freddie's age!!

  3. Haha, Bud has spent the last few days calling me Mummy Big Bum. He's a delight, he really is!

  4. I had to laugh when I read your blog regarding things that Freddy says. His hair looks really trendy - I actually think it makes him look older. I have heard him singing and it always brings a smile to my face. When he said "Mummy is fattiness" I am sure he meant you are lovely to cuddle up to. Personally I am really impressed with you for losing weight. xxx

  5. Mrs. Chevalley RHOCC25 August 2013 at 14:55

    I can't wait for H & S to be able to say silly things to me!



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