Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Vegetarian Cooked Breakfast

We love a good veggie fry-up here Inside the Wendy House!  It makes the perfect breakfast (or brunch if you have a lie-in).  This weekend I was treated by the lovely folk at McCain to the ingredients for the perfect fry-up, and Kizzy did the honours of making me a wonderful Full English, vegetarian style!

With McCain Hash Browns, Quorn sausages and bacon slices, fried mushrooms, baked beans, fried eggs, tomato sauce and buttered toast on the menu, we had everything we needed for the ultimate veggie breakfast.

McCain have recently improved their Hash Browns so they are now even better.  The chunky, crispy, golden hash browns have a tasty new recipe with added onion and seasonings so they are full of flavour.  They are a great addition to any fry-up and are just the thing to mop up egg yolk or baked bean juice!  They take just 20 minutes to cook from frozen so are quick and easy to prepare.  They are an essential addition to the line-up of my perfect fry-up.

Quorn, McCain

Kizzy did a brilliant job making the breakfast and was very proud of the end result.  Everything was absolutely delicious.  The only thing that went wrong was when we realised that the sausages had been put in the oven to keep warm, and had been forgotten about when the cooked breakfast was served!  So we had them later.  But that didn't deter from the fabulous fry up that Kizzy served me.  DELICIOUS!

McCain, Quorn

McCain Hash Browns are available in all major retail outlets priced at £1.65 RRP for a 700g bag.


  1. Insoles is a very apt name for the veggie bacon! haha

  2. wow, well done Kizzy...I need to get Hanna trained up in breakfasts! x

  3. Jill Stan Jones20 June 2013 at 11:06

    Wow! that breakfast looks absolutely amazing - there is nothing so appetising as a full English breakfast and you cannot go wrong with the ingredients that produced that mouthwatering meal. My compliments to the chef. xxx



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