Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Talented Little Artist

This year my girls came up with a plan together to do more art. They are all very creative and I was really pleased to hear them discussing ideas for projects. I love it when they get enthusiastic about something and spur each other on.   As a result they decided to spend a chunk of their Christmas money on some art supplies; water colours, brushes and canvases.

Last night Kizzy disappeared into her bedroom  and came down with her first finished work of art.  I was so impressed by her style and the fact that she did this completely independently.  I look forward to watching her paintings develop over the course of the year. I know her sisters will be equally impressed!  Ever since we took her to the Lowry art gallery in Salford Quays she has felt really inspired and has been sketching away, so now to see her using new art media is an exciting progression for her.

I am so proud of my little artist and her commitment to take on a new activity and learn new skills.  I hope I can turn my hand to some new things this year...but sadly I'm not as talented as my kids!

canvas, water colour
By Kizzy Aged 10


  1. Great job Kiz! :) I have 2 giant canvasses I need to get around to painting...thinking a monochrome painting of Ted...wish me luck! :D

  2. That's amazing, wld look great in lovely old frame!

  3. wow that's incredible x

  4. I think Kizzy has got a talent for drawing (among all of her other skills). She seems to have got just the right amount of colour in that incredible eye. Well done Kizzy xxx

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