Friday, 23 March 2012

Fun On The Farm...Days Out For Free!

Fordhall Farm featured in my Reasons to be Cheerful post last week, but I thought it was deserving of a whole post of its own.  On Tuesday I went to the farm again with Freddy for the Saplings and Seedlings Toddler Group.  It was such a lovely day that we walked around the farm itself, lingering in the picnic area before returning to the tea rooms for a delicious lunch.  It is a lovely way to spend a few hours and Freddy loves the freedom of wandering around and looking at the animals.  Megan was home from university so she came with us, adding to our fun and laughter!

Where's the piggy??
The spottiest one was Fred's favourite!
Balancing Act
Running Free
Tyres Can be Fun!!
Taking a rest...farms are fun!!!
I think that Fordhall Farm is a fabulous place to visit.  It is so nice to find somewhere to go for a few hours with Freddy that costs nothing.  The baby animals are simply adorable and Freddy really loves them (except for the chickens which unnerve him!)  If you are ever in the Shropshire area you should take a visit.  The tea rooms are wonderful, the farm walks are lovely with three different trails to follow and there is also a picnic area and a shop selling fresh produce.

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  1. Nice to have somewhere to go for a little walk in the fresh air that doesn't cost the earth. As for the food in the tea room, top quality. Can't wait for my next visit.

  2. I loved my veggie all day breakfast a little too much ;)

  3. Thanks for that Wendy. We normally do a halfway meet with the inlaws every six weeks and usually end up at Trentham. This looks like something fun for the Spring/Summer which is probably doable :) xxx

  4. This certainly looks like a fun day out. My boy would love this!

  5. Fordhall Farm looks a great place to take the children - I can see at a glance how much Freddy enjoyed his time there. The fact there is a play group is an added bonus and it is always a joy to look at farm animals.



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