Friday, 9 March 2012

Freddy's First Portrait

Today Freddy took to his paper and felt tips as he usually does, scribbling away with pure abandonment.  Suddenly he ceased his chaotic administering of pen to paper and drew a picture of 'daddy'.  His concentration and commitment to producing the portrait was so beautifully executed.  I grabbed the picture away before normal felt-tip service resumed, and popped it in my ever growing pile of my children's treasures!

Freddy's Portrait
I think it bears a striking resemblance to Ian...or maybe it's more Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle.  Either way I love Freddy's first portrait and hereby share his artwork with the World Wide Web!


  1. The boy done good, I think he got me just right. Our little artist in the making. Love him. xx

  2. this is so uncanny, as Isla did her first portrait this week and I've got it set up for Silent Sunday! I love that they can draw recognisable things now! ;-)

  3. I adore Freddy's portrait and yes I think there is a resemblence to his beloved Daddy - Freddy is such a clever little boy - where do his talents end I aks myself.

  4. aww I love when children start drawing recognisable things well done Freddy that is a fab portrait!



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