Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Abigail the Story Buddy Bunny

With Easter fast approaching, Hallmark have a new Interactive Story Buddy that is set to rival the Easter Bunny in a Favourite Rabbit Competition!  Abigail the Bunny is a gorgeously cute and girlie bunny that children will adore.

Abigail from Hallmark
As with all Story Buddies, Abigail will respond as you read aloud from her storybook, Abigail and The Balance Beam.
Abigail and The Balance Beam
Key phrases will prompt Abigail to reply with her own cute answers.  The words do need to be read clearly for Abigail to respond so she may not recognise a younger child's voice.

Ready for a story.
The best way to show you just how lovely this toy is, is to demonstrate it in a video!

Abigail joins Jingle, Watson and Cooper in the range of Interactive Story Buddies that sell for £19.99 at Hallmark.  Other storybooks are available at £5.99 each.  They are absolutely adorable, innovative and hugely appealing!  Abigail would make the perfect Easter gift!

Hallmark, Abigail, Story Buddy
Lovable Abigail!
*Kizzy received Abigail for free but no compensation was received.*


  1. Ah, what a gorgeous video review. Star of the future! And I know a couple of little girls who would really love that for Easter...!

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  3. Abigail looks completely enchanting - children are lucky with the advancement of modern toys - years ago it would have been unheard of for a cuddly bunny to be able to respond to voices.



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