Thursday, 19 January 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

It's been another tough week Inside the Wendy House.  But even during this relatively dismal few days, I have reasons to be cheerful.

Ian's operation is now over and done with and will hopefully prove to be successful.  As it was his first time under the knife I was incredibly worried.  You hear about people having bad reactions to general anaesthetic. Thankfully, Ian was fine.  He is now recovering and although it isn't pleasant, he is OK.  I am so grateful for that!

Freddy is at last embracing the joys of being nappy free!  Two days in and we have had four successful wees and one poo!  He asked for the potty each time.  Seeing him in his little CBeebies Underpants is so cute.  I'm proud of him and seriously impressed that he made the decision to potty train independently.  I was going to wait until Springtime!  Well done Freddy!

There have been other personal problems that have come to a head this week.  Although they have been extremely upsetting, we are sorting them out, together as a family.  I'm so proud of how everyone rallies round  and I know we will come through it all even stronger.

Link up this week at Michelle Mummy From The Heart's blog and read other people's reasons to be cheerful.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Rocking the hospital gown look x Anything I can do - you know where I am xx

  2. I hope Ian is not being too bad a patient at home for you

  3. Sorry you've had such a tough time and hope things improve soon xx

  4. Things can only get better Wendy...and they will, you have a great family. And GO FREDDY!

  5. Sorry to hear you have some probs at the mo and hoping they work themselves out soon. Glad the OP went well and Well Done to Freddy! x

  6. I think you are due a very happy week. Hoping it comes your way.
    Anyone who successfully tackles potty training whether 42 or 2 has my respect.
    Sending the cheerful fairy your way for a fabulous week

  7. Well done litle Freddy and so glad to hear your family are all pulling together in times of need. Mich x

  8. Well done on the potty training, we're coming up to that (or we should be!) and I'm dreading it!

  9. Hugs sounds like you've had a tough week. So pleased hubby is on the mend and way to go Freddy on the potty training x

  10. You have certainly had some worrying times but it seems that most of your concerns are well and truly over - I am so pleased that Ian is making a good recovery after his operation and that your health problems seem to be improving.

  11. Ah hun, sounds like you've had a few hurdles to bound over lately. I am glad you are looking for the positives in all of them though, which is great. I am glad all seems to be looking up and that you have the support of family and friends. We are all here for you and your lovely family too. Take care, Kate xx



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