Monday, 2 January 2012

Making Shower Time Safe and Fun

The bathroom is the ideal setting for family fun time. However to ensure that both toddler and parent have a good time Mira has partnered with parenting expert Sue Atkins and created some top tips to keep bathroom tears at bay.

Top Five Tips to Bathroom Happiness:

·         Children thrive (and behave!) when they know what to expect from the bathroom, the secret being to plan ahead, think how often you want your kids to shower or bath and then create your routine.

·         Prepare for shower time by having everything ready from toys, bath solutions, creams, powders, towels and whatever else you need before the water is run.

·         The key safety tip for children in the shower is to keep them supervised at all times; keep a constant check on the water temperature, direct the shower flow away from their eyes and keep them calm and still so they don't slip. The Mira Miniluxe with Diverter is designed to be cool to the touch, reducing the risk of your child being burnt in the shower.

·         Play your child’s favourite music in the bathroom so they associate getting ready for their shower with enjoyment and fun. Get your kids to choose the toys they’d like to play with in the water to make the whole experience a positive one. Try rotating toys and introduce new ones so they have a lovely surprise and don’t get bored with the same ones each night.

·         The shower is a good place to develop good water skills, so play gentle splash games and make up songs with actions that involve pouring water over their face and heads. The Mira Discovery with Diverter’s innovative two way diverter allows you to switch between two different outlets, which is great for family fun in the bath when your child may initially be frightened by hot water.

Mira has a range of “child friendly” showers, trays, enclosures and accessories that retain child safety measures so explore them at

*Look out for our review of the Mira 360 Showerhead coming soon!* 

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  1. Bathroom safety is so important and your comments are just what every Mum needs to know. Making shower time, play time, is so important for young children who otherwise could be a bit in awe of "the shower"



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