Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Name is Wendy and I'm an Addict

I can imagine myself in a draughty community centre hall.  A circle of chairs in the centre of the room are filled with nervous, fidgety people avoiding eye contact with each other, staring at the floor between their shuffling feet.  Slowly I stand up and take a deep breath as I announce "My name is Wendy and I'm an addict."  The ripple of applause rewards my admission and puts me on the path to recovery.

But what is the addiction I am confessing to?  I've battled my demons. I no longer drink and have been riding the wagon of sobriety for over 4 years.  I haven't  smoked since I was a nightclubbing teenager, back in the days when it was acceptable to wave a lit cigarette around on a crowded dance floor, risking the ignition of the alarming quantity of flammable hairspray that was synonymous with '80s hairdos.  I have even conquered the binge eating, yo-yo dieting that has plagued my adult life.  As for sex addiction?  Really, who has the time for that!  Drugs??  Hell I don't even drink caffeine and I totally hate taking  so much as an aspirin.  However, I do have a dirty secret....

I am an absolute unstoppable force to be reckoned with when faced with a bargain.  I'm not talking 50% off some designer handbag, or even the half price sale at Next.  I'm talking bargain basement, post seasonal  goodies sold at silly prices.  Things I don't need or even want.  Sometimes I don't even use them...but I MUST have them!

Today I went shopping and this is just some of the haul I returned with....

Halloween goodies sets, costumes, cups, plates, jugs, goblets, hats, masks, gloves, candle holders, scene setters, decorations, toys...all sorts of nonsense!  I just can't turn my back on the shelves of unbought Halloween/Easter/Christmas fayre that appears in the days following these events.  My garage is overflowing with things bought over the years but I can't help adding to my collection!

My eldest daughter despairs as I fill my trolley with armfuls of nonsense...but I can't help it.  It calls to me to give it a home.  Besides...who could resist buying  Make Your Own Halloween Craft sets reduced from £2 to 8p!!  I couldn't...I bought 20!!  And how about an inflatable axe for £1?!  I need one of those...honestly.  The monster windsocks for 35p were just too tempting...I got one of each design.  And you can never have too many spider napkins for 15p a pack.

So Wilkinson, Asda and Morisson's will find their shelves significantly emptier after my visit today.  But as a result my overcrowded garage has now got to house 4 huge bags of Halloween nonsense which I hope I remember to dig out to use next October!   Good job we love Horror stuff...maybe Fred can have a Monster Party for his 3rd birthday next year!  And who said that tinsel with skulls and spiders in it can't be used for Christmas??

At the end of the day, my obsession for buying mad novelty items for rock bottom prices isn't that awful.  I just thank my lucky stars however that my compulsion for purchasing does not extend to anything costing more than a couple of quid.  If I was a shopaholic with a passion for fashion and a desire for shoes and handbags, then I'd really be in trouble!  My entire stash today did not equate to more than the price of a pair of designer shoelaces...and they are going to bring much more fun!

**NaBloPoMo Day 2!**


  1. Ha, I soo know where you're coming from. You're lucky to have a garage though - I can't open cupboards without hoards of stashed "santa" stock tumbling from the cupboards... hey, maybe there's a business in it.... sounds like you could hoard it for a year then make up party packs and ebay them in October next year!

  2. PS - they say the first step to overcoming an addiction is to admit to it.... I'm not so sure, but that's what they say!

  3. I wish I had a business brain...I could make a fortune! x

  4. LOL!!! It's the thrill of getting a bargain - totally relate although mine is usually more expensive like the handbag at 70% £500......

    Have to confess though I am a charity shop junkie...It all started a few years ago and I cannont walk past one without having a nose!!!

  5. You and me both honey! If it's a bargain it's mine (cept I have to have one in every colour and design and end up spending the same as if it were full price)

    You gotta love a bargain x

  6. well you took the 1st step and admitted to it lol
    i am terrible with bargains aswell - i had bought xmas cards and wrapping paper in the post xmas sales to out way for next years and i never find them til its too late!!!
    you could always e-bay the stuff you don't need?? x

  7. Great stash. Hope you remember what you've got next year!

  8. well done for making that first step & admitting it! Now can we have a club for us all !
    I used to be terrible when I lived in America - everything was soooo cheap in the clearance, I bought so much stuff & always forgot about it. I have a huge box in the loft full of fabric that I bought for pennies & never used when I lived over there, shipped it across the Atlantic & still haven't used it!
    I am better these days...mainly because we have no room for more!

  9. You pegged it in the last least the addiction is kitchey novelty items and not a slew of Prada bags (then there may be a real problem;-) And really, who doesn't love a Frankenstein cup?!

    Best of luck with #NaBloPoMo!

  10. Haha we'll all have to make an active effort to remind you of your haul next year!
    As far as addictions go at least yours is kind of helpful, and thrifty!

  11. Ha ha. Brilliant. You'll be throwing the BEST Halloween party in town next year!

  12. I really don't think you are alone with your compulsion for a bargain. If ever I see something that has been reduced to a rock bottom price, I have to buy it (in case it becomes useful one day) that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

  13. I am so coming round your house for Hallowe'n next year. I'm the other kind, that never buys it when I see it and then panic buys the day i need it! I bet I spend more than you do on so much less!



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