Friday, 21 October 2011

I'm A MuTu Mum!

I've posted about my weight loss with Thinking Slimmer and the way that the Slimpods have literally changed my attitude towards food, freeing me from a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and obsessing about either eating or not eating. I've never had much success with exercise.  I have scoliosis of the spine that can cause me problems.  I've also got ruptured stomach muscles after giving birth to Freddy 27 months ago.  The result is that my body is nowhere near as strong as it should be.

With my eating under control and my weight being close to my target, I feel ready to step it up and get my body into shape.  When I was offered the chance to trial the Mutu System (V2) I didn't hesitate.  It sounds like exactly the sort of structured plan I need to address my specific body needs post baby.  Wendy Powell, the creator of MuTu  has a great track record in helping post natal women.  The plan will help to repair muscles, get a flatter tummy, lose fat and gives your body a boost mentally and physically.  It helps us find ourselves again!

The 12 Week Plan starts gently and builds up as physical strength is gained.  The diet side encourages us to eat healthy, natural wholefoods, ditching the junk food, and drinking six glasses of water a day.

The first step is to take measurements of your body to act as a baseline for the programme and taking an underwear shot!!  Goals are also decided and a journal is kept.

I'll be doing the Mutu System at the same time as my Slimpods.  Will I get the body I want by Christmas??  Wish me luck!  I'll report regularly on my progress and at the end might be brave enough to divulge the before and after measurements and photos.


  1. Disappointed that you didn't post your before pictures! It might have made me feel braver about my boudoir photos.

  2. Ooohh good luck with this. I will be watching your progress with great interest xx

  3. Good luck, I look forward to your updates! Wendy x

  4. Sounds really interesting, I've checked out the MuTu site, I don't have the will power to stick to the videos but would love to save up and perhaps treat myself to the personal training sessions at some point in the new year!

    Good luck, can't wait to hear about / see you progress xx

  5. The Mutu System sounds exactly what you need to repair your body and to be happy with the end result. I applaud your enthusiasm and wish you well. You are already half way there with your general weight loss which, I am sure, will help.

  6. So? How's it going? I'm on week 1 and still struggling to get it all together but maybe by the end of the week I'll have cracked it - good luck!

  7. It's tricky having to refer to the laptop for details of every exercise etc. Plus the Standing Scoop really hurts my lower spine! As that is the very first exercise I think I might be in trouble!!! Good luck with getting it cracked!!

  8. Hoping our conversation helped & that you've found your videos now Wendy :) Keep me posted x



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