Monday, 19 September 2011

Mumentum Update

I am keeping religiously to my diet aided by my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod this week.  In the three weeks that I have been focused on a return to being somewhat virtuous, I have lost a further 12 lbs.  In this time I have had a family party for the MIL and FIL's birthdays that involved a meal out and a cake buffet at my house.  I ate a leek and mushroom shepherd's pie with vegetables and that was it.  Not even a piece of cream cake or cheesecake passed my lips.  Seeing what was left of the puddings, I thought about how I would have finished it all off without even thinking before.  But I just did not want to eat it which is such a revelation.  I binned a load of cake that had been sat out all day...that is unheard of for me.  I would have had cake for breakfast rather than waste it...but the thought of consuming Morisson's BOGOF Frozen Cheesecakes just did not justify the calorie consumption involved.

Thinking Slimmer
12lbs lighter.
I do have an ulterior motive to my resolve however.  I have a photoshoot for a national newspaper in London on Wednesday, that has scared me into 100% commitment! (More on this to follow!)  I hope that when the pressure is off, I can still find the motivation to keep the weightloss going.  I want to ease off a bit so I can enjoy the occasional takeaway or quality dessert, but I don't want to plummet down the slippery slope to gluttony.

Balance is always the thing that has been difficult for me.  I'm either 100% resolve or I'm just plain greedy.  I was watching the documentary about Claire from Steps and I could relate to her issues with food completely. Like me, she could lose weight if there was a purpose behind it, otherwise the lure of the naughty but nice takes control.  I'm really hoping this time is different and I can find a happy balance that allows me to enjoy food but still maintain my weightloss.  I think this is where the Slimpods win, as long as I want them to work they will.  This is definitely my greatest long term challenge and possibly the greatest challenge I've ever faced in my life as a yo-yo dieter.

In the last 2 years my weight has tipped the scales over the 16 stone mark...I'm now 3 stone lighter, but my aim is to lose another half a stone and then maintain it, without the wild fluctuations I have experienced over and over again.

I have a terrible self-image of my body, but the whole hypnosis thing has really helped improve my confidence and self-belief.  I can see a change in myself and I want to keep working on that.  I'm not happy yet...but I hope I will be soon.


  1. As last week, a wonderfully inspirational post. I lost half a stone this week which was a big shock but a good one. Blogged about it over on my Kate on Thin Ice blog, great start to the week.
    You look fab to me!

  2. Wow Wendy! You've done so so SO brilliantly. You look amazing (not that you didn't before) xxx
    p.s. My Mum reached her target weight at Weight Watchers last week - she's lost 4.5 stone and I'm so proud of her.

  3. You look amazing. Is it all about keeping it off now? It certainly doesn't look like you have any more to lose...

  4. Your Mum's achievement is amazing...congratulations to her! Thank you for your lovely comment :) xxx

  5. Thank you...keeping it off is the hardest bit for me. Fingers crossed I can do it this time. x

  6. I've commented over on the blog...well done to you on your weight loss!!

  7. You look so fab Wendy- well done! x

  8. That is an amazing result. I wish I had only slightly as much willpower as you do. Keep up the good work, you look fab!

  9. Every time I see you I can see a significant difference in your weight loss - I was so impressed when you resisted the temptation to eat some of those lovely cakes on Saturday - you are doing so well and the photo above proves my point.

  10. Well done, that is such a significant weight loss. I don't think I would have resisted the cakes.
    Hope the photo shoot goes well and you keep up the momentum xxx

  11. Wow 12lbs is amazing and the control you had at the parties with the cakes and left overs, well I am jealous as I too am the type who can not resist leftovers or stand throwing it out. As for the body image thing, I have a huge issue with mine, I hate catching sight of myself in the mirror without cltohes on, all I see is my belly and flabby thighs and I hate seeing poeple I hqavent seen for a while as I am convinced they will think I have put weight on.

    I hope your photoshoot goes well, I look forward to hearing more about it x



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