Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kidoo...For Families in The Know is a group buying website that has been designed with families in mind.  Offering a fantastic range of deals, Kidoo is partnering with great high street names, brands and independent businesses to bring families unbeatable offers to make family life easier, more affordable and fun.  With deals giving exclusive discounts of 40-90% on products and services, you can enjoy a whole host of exceptional offers with Kidoo.  Membership is completely free and gives access to deals suitable from birth through to teens (plus some treats for the grown-ups too!)

I had a chance to try out one of Kidoo's offers for myself.  One of the great deals that is open until Monday is with Fast Canvas Prints who are offering 80% off the cost of a bespoke A3 Canvas.  Just £9.99 buys you a voucher which gives you a unique code to enter at the checkout, getting you a gorgeous canvas print of your favourite photo worth £49.99.  What a perfect present for family or friends (Christmas is fast approaching after all!)  Or a gorgeous piece of bespoke artwork for your wall.

Fast Canvas Print specialise in canvas printing with an incredibly fast turnaround.  They allow you to bring your cherished moments to life with a beautifully, hand stretched canvas.  The specialist production team here in the UK, work fast to give next day delivery.  Your gorgeous digital image will be liberated from your memory card and will adorn your wall for all to see!  All for just £9.99!  See the deal for yourself here, but be quick, deals are only available for a limited time!!

I was impressed by the speedy service and delivery and I adore my new canvas.  Take a look for yourself!

This is just one of the fabulous offers that Kidoo brings to its members. Check out and join in with the group buying website especially for families with fabulous weekly deals with family life in mind. 

You can follow Kidoo on Twitter and on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest news.


  1. What a lovely idea and the photo of Kizzy and Freddy is absolutely fabulous,

  2. this is the worst print company i have ever used 6 weeks and still not delivered and communication with canvas prints is non existant worst people to buy from be warned

  3. I googled this company for reviews after I am running into the same problem - I ordered using a discounted coupon myself and also paid for expedited shipping. I still don't have my canvas and am worried I won't receive it in time now for the gift it was meant to be. :(

  4. That's terrible order was so quick, but they knew I was a reviewer. Sorry to hear such bad experiences. Have you tried complaining on their Facebook wall?

  5. As an update to my kgbdeals "Fast Canvas Prints" saga, I received an email response at 6:33pm last night (after my email to their info address at 4:41pm on Friday - apparently they are inundated, but not working late or over the weekend, by God!). Their reply:

    "We deeply and truly apologise for the delay and inconvenience caused to you. We have experienced a high volume of orders and therefore have also been experiencing a huge delay with regards to the dispatching and delivering of orders. As a result of this, we are exceptionally busy and have been working extremely hard to ensure that orders are dispatched and delivered as soon as possible.

    I have tracked your order in the system and due to the delay, your order will be delivered to you before the end of next week.

    We hope that you can accept our sincere apologies regarding this matter.

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me."

    So of course, I did not hesitate to contact them - however, their phone hours are only from 9am - 1pm, so I had to wait until this morning to call....

    Having just gotten off the phone, they have now changed the status of my order:

    "Date Ordered: Thursday 01 December, 2011

    Your order has been updated to the following status.

    New status: Expedited

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions."

    You can imagine my confusion as to why this was not done previously (especially as I had paid £7.95 for expedited shipping).

    I think they probably had the best of intentions, but have been inundated with orders and are doing a couple of things wrong in the follow-up customer service department. Nonetheless, as a customer who is trying to do something special for a loved one at Christmas, it is very frustrating!!

    I am supposed to receive my order tomorrow now - we'll see what happens!

  6. Hi,
    I'm in the exaclty the same situation. I ordered the prints on 6th December. Tried phoning, in a queue for ages only to be told that no-one was available to take the call & that it would not be possible to take a message as the malbox was full. I also tried contacting their parent company Toye Graphics - no joy. No reply from my e-mails either - all of this goes against the "second to none customer service" & "super speedy turnaround" they claim for themselves. I too hoped to offer the prints for Christmas. looks like I'll be doing some last minute panic buying.

  7. Same thing here! I even paid for 7 day delivery on 6th December and after an angry e-mail to KGB and an angrier one to Fast Canvas I get a generic reply saying that it is in the post today! Christmas will have come and gone by then!!! Anyone got any refunds?

  8. Brandish McCutlass22 December 2011 at 10:56

    This is awful service! I hope everyone gets their orders. Sounds like they have been inundated. I have had this with Groupon. It's just not on to offer something and not meet the demand. I'd have a moan on the Facebook wall.

  9. Darren Anderson3654 January 2012 at 11:39

    Hi i love to know if you have got your order yet. I placed mine the day before you. Complained through e-mail & on phone & to discount site where i got it from. They said i'll get it at end of month. 4/01/2012 still waiting.

  10. Darren Anderson3654 January 2012 at 13:00

    Same problem as ever one. Ordered canvas on 29/11/2011 from Groupon. Now told on 04/01/2012 after a lot of e-mails & and a phone call & broken promises of when Christmas present with be delivered 7-10 days. and by looking at review sites they seem to be advertising on other discount sites whilst having a back log of orders.
    I have field in a online watchdog form. It only takes less than five minets. The more forms sent in the more that can be done.



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