Friday, 10 June 2011

Good Bloggers Pay It Forward

The lovely Liska from New Mum Online has awarded me a Pay It Forward tag.  I feel very honoured to have made Liska's list of 5 taggees!  I am so happy to have made so many real, genuine friends through the medium of blogging and tweeting...and Liska is right up there as one of those people on my fabulous friend list!!

So here are the rules:

1: Put the award badge on your post.
2: Refer to the blogger who tagged you.
3: Pass it on to 5 others.

So these are who I am paying it forward to:

1:  Working London Mummy ...lovely lady, foodie and thought provoking blogger!
2:  The Crazy Kitchen ...friendly, fun, toy-loving and leaver of comments that make me laugh out loud!!
3:  Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 ...someone who makes me smile and is so very kind.
4:  Emma and 3...fellow member of Team Graco!
5:  Bloggomy ...real life buddy for 15 years and the Louise to my Thelma!

So..the tag is in your hands it forward!!


  1. jessies_online10 June 2011 at 09:59

    Thanks Wendy
    I'm under pressure now to leave a laugh out loud comment! ..............sorry it's just not happening today......a little too much wine yesterday is not helping my brain!

  2. No succeeded...I lol'd!!!! hehe

  3. jessies_online10 June 2011 at 10:02

    you are easily pleased!! x

  4. Thanks for paying it forward dahhhhhhhhhhling xxx

  5. Thanks Thelma xx Happy to be your real life buddy x



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