Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Dress Sense Dilemma!

I have just returned from a shopping trip, looking for clothes to wear for Cybermummy.  I went to Republic and I loved lots of things.  Gorgeous denim hotpant dungarees, a skull design boob tube, a floaty, floral, zip-up mini dress, a funky cardi worn over a top that showed your midriff. Then it suddenly hit me....I have the dress sense of a skinny teenager trapped in the body of an overweight middle aged woman!

Somehow my mind and taste has not progressed since 1985.  I'm mentally stuck in a place where the idea of wearing middle age appropriate clothes fills me with repulsion.  My 16 year old self refuses to vacate the part of my brain reserved for fashion sense.  It is an actual problem...there should be some form of therapy for this mental issue!

I found myself admiring the funky slogan vests with "I'm the one your mother warned you about" then thought what the hell was I doing!!  The only reason that would apply to me would be if I became a Cougar-like stalker of young men.  Their mothers would most definitely be warning their sons against the strange, greying lady, in the "mutton dressed as lamb" ensemble,  who was giving them the eye.  Wrong on so many levels!  The slashed sided T-Shirt with a rib cage design on it also struck me as being pretty cool...again, I could just visualise my pasty belly  and nursing bra showing through the slits which were designed to show the taut, unstretchmarked flesh I had as a teenager!

The clothes I liked didn't seem to be available in a size above a 10 (probably for the best to be honest).  Teenaged daughter Ella happily pointed out that I could buy them for her instead, and with her amazingly svelte six 6 figure, she is definitely a better brand ambassador than I could ever hope to be.

So I returned from my trip empty handed bar a sensible beige cardigan which was reduced in Primark. (Ooh get me!! Rock and roll or what!) So, I'm back to square one without  my uber cool outfit for Cybermummy.  But at least I know that next time I hit the shops I should probably head off to M & S or somewhere a little more age appropriate!!

Me in 1985 rocking the animal print/pyramid look!!


  1. I bought a denim skirt from M and S the other day, and felt old! When did I start to think M and S was a good place to buy clothes? :-) I also still have the dress sense of an 18 year old! Hardly appropriate with 3 kids in tow! :-)

  2. It is a tricky one isn't it...the heart says New Look, the head says M&S! xxx

  3. My God i so have the same dilemma! Have a Black tie 'do' to attend on sat eve next week. Was initially thinking maxi dress that could double for my friends 40th up town until I was informed it was a black tie 'do'. So hitting Bluewater on monday and having to head to M&S LOL
    Only I had the barefaced cheek to text my 20yr old niece to see if she had something suitable I could squeeze into..........Who am I kidding!!!

  4. I love it..this post did make me giggle. I am just the same..I love all the little playsuits and mini summer dresses that are out at the moment which would look great on a teenager but not a Mummy in her thirties with boobs, tummy and thighs bigger than she would like!! The only thing with M&S is my Nana shops there and so do a lot of her friends. All, the oldies feel very trendy in their Per Una stuff so I just can't bring myself to buy it!!

  5. I have the same issues Wendy! My mother in law however bought me a fabulous purple bag from M&S which I love, unfortunately she then bought herself the very same one in pink... it's a bit embarrassing having the same bag when she's 30 years older! I used to shop in places like USC, Miss Selfridge, Top Shop etc but I'm finding more and more that the sizes are too small and I'm just too old for their styles .

  6. that just did something weird with my bits!

  7. oh dear I don't think it likes those brackets!

  8. It's hard to think of you as being middle aged - you still look amazing. I am positive you will find something appropriate to wear on the Cybermummy event and will, no doubt, look stunning.



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