Monday, 16 May 2011

Listography...Products You Couldn't Live Without

Kate is looking at products for Listography this week, those things we simply couldn't live without.  It is tricky to pick just five things...I rely on so much just to get me through the day, but if I really had to choose, these five things would be the items I'd hold onto at all costs!

1: Sky + HD Box...

I want to sing Leanne Rimes lyrics when I think about my Sky +.  Without it I'd have missed numerous episodes of True Blood, Dexter, Desperate Housewives and Being Human.  I'd have nothing to watch when Freddy decides to take an afternoon nap and Disney Junior is no longer a necessary distraction to him!  Without it I'd be forced to watch soaps, re-runs and reality TV. So *sings* "How do I live without you?!"

2: Quorn...

With a family of veggies to feed, I love to be able to grab something that is quick, easy and convenient to feed them. I do love lentil loaves, 3 bean chilli and veggie casseroles, but nothing beats Quorn Chicken Style Nuggets for an effortless dinner!

3: My Credit Card...

Not only do I hate carrying around cash, which makes my credit card a marvellous invention, but the magic Credit Card Fairy (aka my husband) pays off my plastic every month.  That'll do nicely!

4:  My Flip...

I love being able to whip out my Flip and record snippets of video footage of Freddy and the kids.  When I had a cumbersome camcorder I hardly ever filmed anything.  With the Flip I know have hours of random footage which will be priceless as Freddy gets older.  I've crashed my laptop three times by clogging up the hard drive with Freddy laughing, Freddy walking, Freddy playing football, Freddy watching get the picture!

5: My Duvet...

Nothing in the world comes close to my bed as my favourite place in the world.  My King Size duvet is light and fluffy, yet warm and cosy.  Blissful.  I'm generally in a state of exhaustion, so wrapping up in my duvet is the perfect antidote to life's stresses and strains.  I hate that just-made-bed feeling you get in hotels, I like the sloppy, loose freedom that only my big old duvet can give me.

I will relinquish my Benefit eyeliner, my silicone bakeware, my jeans, my Converse and my huge Ikea saucepan (which almost made my top 5) just so I can keep it!


  1. Lordy I'm so out of touch. When I saw the word 'Flip', I thought what? and immediately thought about flipping the finger as in a rude gesture. Please to hear it wasn't that!!

  2. Ha ha I like Nel's version of the flip even more! Heard they were great but haven't managed to get my hands on one yet. Also see another Duvet made it in - either we are a lazy bunch or just very tired from working so hard!

  3. woohoo another person who picked their duvet. They make life so much better!

  4. Am intrigued by the 'flip'. I must look into it. The duvet yes agree with that one!

  5. Love your list!!! I've been asking for a Flip for months! You've just convinced me to buy myself an early Birthday gift!! Thanks!!

  6. I hope you're getting a commission for that mention, as I too now desperately want to go out any buy myself a flip! I take heaps of videos on my phone, but it's not ideal.
    Love the list :)

  7. Great list! I Love Quorn, even though I'm not veggie I dont eat a lot of meat and much prefer quorn x

  8. Converse!! Ah good one, should have been a top 10 really. Nice choices, duvet: definitely.

  9. Oooo! My duvet - now that's a thought! You can have the quorn though. Tried the sausages & not keen! Great to meet you via Kate's!

  10. I also love Sky +. Is the quality on the flip good? I have been looking at them. x

  11. As I commented on another post Sky+ is a must. It's crazy how you rely on things, when I watch tv in the bedroom (no Sky) I always reach for the remote to rewind etc and realise I can't! lol x

  12. Oh, I'm veggie too. I adore quorn, it helped turning vegetarian so much easier.

    Why oh why didn't I think of Sky+?

  13. Lordy I'm so out of touch. When I saw the word 'Flip', I thought what? and immediately thought about flipping the finger as in a rude gesture. Please to hear it wasn't that!!



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