Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Designing T-Shirts with Dylon

We've been having fun with Dylon's products Inside the Wendy House.  First we made a brilliant pair of Flamingo Pink Denim Cut-Off Shorts using Dylon's Hand Dye.  Then, using a selection of Dylon's craft products, Ella and Kizzy made personalised T-shirts.


The products were fun and easy to use.  Kizzy was a bit messy but everything washed off her hands, her clothes and the table easily with soap and water!  I possibly should have had her in an apron and put down plastic sheeting first!!  I am one of those haphazard mums when it comes to craft products!!

The paints were lovely to use and went on smoothly and easily.  The colours were vibrant.  Kizzy loved the 3D paints which added an element of fun to the proceedings!

The dyes are fixed using a hot iron for 1-2 minutes, and the fabric remains soft. 

It's a lovely idea to let your child get creative and design their own T-shirt.  Kizzy is very proud of her creation.  (The T-shirts were from Primark.  Ella's cost £1 and Kizzy's was £1.90.)

The craft materials were supplied by Dylon.


  1. Dylon rocks! I've used their products to dye clothes for ages, and it really is colour fast. The t-shirt looks great!

  2. Hi, thats useful to note that Dylon do fabric paints as Ive been doing a bit of t shirt designing with my 9 year old daughter. Will check out. Agree with Mummy @Bod for Tea, t shirt looks great.

  3. Oh that looks fab def something to try out with my lot x

  4. This looks great! will have to give this a go x



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