Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Soundtrack to My Life

Metal Mummy and Him, Me and Three have both tagged me in this latest meme.  We are asked to write about our favourite songs and the music that defines us.  These songs are supposed to come from our iPod, randomly selected on shuffle.  However, my MP3 player that provides our entertainment on long journeys in the car, is the nearest thing I've got, and that is filled with the Rocky Horror Show soundtrack, some CBeebies stuff and my 14 year old daughter's it wouldn't really define me at all.

So these are the songs that I love, that mean something to me and are the soundtrack to my life.

1:  Head Over Feet - Alanis Morissette

This song was our first dance song at our wedding in 1997.  I am a big Alanis fan from her earlier angstier years.  These days she is too loved up and too busy being a mummy to baby Ever to produce songs of the calibre of the Jagged Little Pill era.  The words to this song really resonate with me.  "You are the bearer of unconditional things, you held your breath and the door for me.  Thanks for your patience," so true of my own story.  It took me a decade to feel worthy enough to accept that Ian was my soul mate after being in my previous destructive relationships.  I am so grateful that he held out for what he knew would be perfect.  Alanis could've written this song about us!
First Dance x
2: Meat is Murder - The Smiths

The soundtrack to my first foray into vegetarianism.  I was a militant teenage veggie who would question the source of the rennet on the cheese in takeaway pizzas much to the utter confusion of the poor Pizza Hut staff. This song was an anthem to my beliefs and The Smiths were just so damn cool.  Love it.  "Savour the Flavour of Murder"...powerful stuff.

3:  Patience - Take That

When I was in the delivery suite back on July 9th 2009 at 2a.m. the local radio station was playing.  My waters had broken and given that my last labour was so fast we were expecting to be home with a baby by lunchtime.  Unfortunately, Freddy decided to stay put and my contractions refused to start despite bouncing on a ball for hours.  'Patience' was played about ten times in those early hours of that Thursday morning.  It became the theme tune to my labour.  My patience was eventually  rewarded, my contractions finally started at 5pm and he was born  at 5.56pm.
Just have a little patience x

4: The Only Way is Up - Yazz and the Plastic Population

This song was in the charts when I was a five months pregnant teenager in July 1988.  I was on my own and a little bit broken.  My boyfriend had just walked out for the second time during my pregnancy and I made the discovery that he had been cheating on me for months with a much older divorcee.  However, I found a strength and I realised he'd done me a huge favour removing himself permanently from me and my son's lives.  This song was Number 1 in the charts.  It seemed very symbolic!

5: Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

The fact that my husband can play this on his guitar was a big factor in me falling in love with him.  It's just one of the best songs ever recorded and fabulous to sing along to.  Messrs Page and Plant are just the most awesome rock combo.  This song never ages.  My children all love it too...which makes me very proud! (No Bieber in this household!)

This is the soundtrack to my life!  I pass the tag onto anyone who is yet to be tagged and to Not Met Megan and Just Simply Ella.


  1. Brilliant choices,

    You both look fab in your first dance picture!! x

  2. Super choices Wendy! I adore The Smiths and I used to listen to them and Alanis Morrisette all the time...infact, I think I wore out my Jagged Little Pill album. That photo of you dancing at your wedding is fab!
    I was tagged in this yesterday by Lauren (realhousewifeofsuffolk) but haven't got around to doing it yet...however, I already know exactly what's going on my list. It's amazing how music can dominate your life and trigger memories so much. If you want some great musical reads head over to Lady Estrogens blog (she's on my blog love page...tell her I sent you)...she rocks!
    p.s. Thanks also for the lovely comments on my blog :)

  3. Thanks for taking part in this Wendy. When I started this meme I never thought I'd read so many interesting posts! It's really lovely reading about the music that means so much to people and why it's so important to them.

  4. What can I say. Quality tunes and quality memories. Love you loads.XXX

  5. I loved reading this blog - and looking at the pic taken on your wedding day confirms my belief that neither you or Ian have aged - how do you do it?

  6. just come over from mummy's little monkey blow your our blog horn, and it's lovely getting a quick glimpse into your life - i love all those songs too!! Though my 5 would all be TT ones :)

  7. just come over from mummy's little monkey blow your our blog horn, and it's lovely getting a quick glimpse into your life - i love all those songs too!! Though my 5 would all be TT ones :)



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